How Nick Walker Starts His Day with a Supplement Stack and Protein Shake

What's in Nick Walker's Morning Supplement Stack and Diet Plan? Mutant Bodybuilder Nick Walker Shares Supplement Stack and Smoothie Recipe.

Bodybuilder Nick Walker has revealed his morning routine supplement stack and shake for optimal digestion. In a recent YouTube video, the 2021 Arnold Classic champion shared his morning routine during the 2023 off-season, including a green smoothie recipe for gut health and his supplement stack. Walker checks his weight daily and is currently weighing 283 pounds. He drinks one liter of water to kickstart his digestion and alternates between the bike and treadmill for light cardio.

Walker stresses the importance of not pushing oneself with excessive cardio as it can work against him and his physique in the long run. He also revealed that he fuels himself with six meals each day, consisting of 4567 calories. Many of the supplements Walker uses are made by Revive Supplements, as they sponsor him and other elite bodybuilders. Walker's day kicks off at 7:20 a.m. to feed his puppy Thor and starts his day with liquids and a type of green smoothie.

Consistency is key for Walker, as he runs back to the same meals every day of the week with a cheat meal every once in a while. He believes that the most challenging aspect of bodybuilding for others is following the same diet for extended periods. Despite this, he never gets tired of his meals as he finds them flavorful. Walker's goal is to cement himself as a Mr. Olympia winner in November and is continuing to make strides toward his goal.

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