Fans React to Coleman's Honesty in Critique of Physique in Throwback Photo with Jay Cutler

Legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman commented on a throwback picture with Jay Cutler, stating that they both looked horrible.

Ronnie Coleman, a legendary bodybuilder, and eight-time Mr. Olympia champion, has shared his honest opinion on a throwback post by Jay Cutler. The photo, shared on May 25, was taken during a guest posing event in 2005/06 and shows Coleman and Cutler standing next to each other in the off-season, with their weights over 300 pounds. Cutler wrote in the caption that the photo was from a time when they would guest pose week after week together before the hype of social media. However, Coleman was critical of their physiques in the photo, commenting in the section that they both looked horrible and out of shape. He added that being way off was what the off-season was for. 

Coleman and Cutler were two of the top bodybuilders of all time, and their rivalry on stage was legendary. They both dominated the Olympia stage during their peak years, with Coleman winning eight consecutive titles from 1998-2005, with multiple victories over Cutler. In 2006, Cutler was able to end Coleman's streak and win his first Olympia, beginning his own run of winning four titles in five years. The two built a friendship off the stage and often pushed each other to their limits.

Both Cutler and Coleman continue to remain active in the fitness industry and have built successful social media platforms by sharing their overall knowledge and passion for fitness. They frequently interact with fans and share different fitness tips.

The throwback post shared by Cutler garnered numerous reactions from fans and followers, with some agreeing with Coleman's opinion of their physiques. In contrast, others commented on how impressive their off-season weights were.

In conclusion, while Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler may have looked out of shape in their throwback photo, their contributions to the sport of bodybuilding have been significant and continue to inspire many in the fitness industry. 

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