Exclusive: Jay Cutler's Recommended Exercises for Chest and Shoulder Development

 How to Build a Bigger Chest and Stronger Shoulders, as Revealed by Jay Cutler.Top 3 Movements for Building Monumental Delts, According to Jay Cutler

In recent YouTube videos, former bodybuilding champion Jay Cutler shared his tips for building a full chest and his favorite movements for developing big shoulders.

 Jay Cutler completely crushed the Men's Open class with an astounding amount of muscle, considerable size, and top-notch shape. Throughout his accomplished career, he earned three Arnold Classic crowns and four Mr. Olympia titles. Cutler is recognized as one of the sport's most intense rivals, famously competing against another bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman whom he unseated for his first Sandow trophy in 2006. In 2013, Cutler officially retired from competitions after taking the sixth spot in his last Mr. Olympia appearance.

Cutler won three Arnold Classic titles and four Mr. Olympias during his career and is still involved in the bodybuilding community. He believes in focusing on repetition and isolation movements to develop a full chest, and his top three delt movements include rear cables crossovers, bent-over lateral dumbbell movements, and seated side lateral raises.

 Cutler is currently preparing for a transformation challenge and plans to cut down his body fat percentage by the end of the year. 

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