Watch Joe Mackey Crush 449-kg (990-lb) Hack Squat for 5 Reps

 IFBB Pro Joe Mackey has once again stunned the fitness community with his impressive strength feat. Mackey recently shared a video on his Instagram account where he was seen performing five reps of 990-pound hack squats, leaving his followers amazed.

Mackey has been a rising star in the bodybuilding world since his successful debut in 2017. He has participated in several competitions, including the 2022 Tampa Pro and the Texas Pro, where he finished fourth and ninth, respectively. His impressive chest and arms have made him a standout in the Men’s Open division.

Apart from his achievements in bodybuilding, Mackey is also renowned for his incredible strength. He had earlier set his sights on recording a 1,000-pound deadlift PR. While he managed to lift a heavy 900-pound raw deadlift, he is still striving to achieve his ultimate goal.

However, his recent hack squat performance has left his fans in awe once again. In the video shared on his Instagram account, Mackey can be seen comfortably handling 990 pounds for five reps without any assistance.

In addition to his impressive strength, Mackey is also open about his diet, which primarily consists of clean foods rich in protein and vegetables while minimizing processed foods.

Mackey's accomplishments have made him an inspiration to many fitness enthusiasts around the world. He is making excellent progress toward his goal of entering the exclusive 1,000-pound deadlift club and his unwavering determination is highly appreciated by his fans.

Joe Mackey’s dedication and hard work have certainly paid off, and his latest performance is a testament to his strength and commitment to his craft.

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