Samir Bannout Suggests Posing Coach Frank Zane to Help Nick Walker with 2023 Mr. Olympia Win

 Former Mr. Olympia, Samir Bannout, has urged Nick Walker to hire Frank Zane as his posing coach, to win 2023, Mr. Olympia. 

Though Nick Walker has had two top-five finishes in his previous two Olympia competitions, Bannout believes that he can do better with proper posing. Bannout highlighted the front lat spread as a factor that needs improvement, stating that Phil Heath could do it perfectly, and Nick should work on making it flow. 

Bannout also pointed out that Nick bends his legs a little bit and makes himself look shorter, which takes away his upper body's length and size. He suggested that Frank Zane, who is fully aware of the flows and how to flex certain things and make them flow, would be an excellent choice as a posing coach for Nick. Bannout asserted that Nick has not been around for too long and is getting better every year, so with proper guidance, he can definitely win 2023, Mr. Olympia.

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