Game of Thrones Actor Bjornsson Confirms Steroid Use in Strongman Sport

The Mountain, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, Admits to Previous Steroid Use. Bjornsson's Admission Raises Questions About Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Strongman Sport.

Do Strongmen Take Steroids?

In an ESPN E:60 documentary called Strongman: Beyond the Mountain, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who is known for being the World's Strongest Man champion and an actor on Game of Thrones, discussed his life story. He revealed how he went from pursuing basketball at a national level to striving to become the strongest man in the world and ultimately securing a role on one of TV's most popular series. While doing so, he also surprised some fans with an unexpected confession while confirming what others may have suspected.

According to ESPN, Björnsson admitted that he used steroids at some point during his journey towards becoming the reigning world champion in a strongman competition, a feat he achieved in the previous year.

The report acknowledges that Björnsson admitted to using steroids to some degree, but he has not tested positive for them during any competitions. The World's Strongest Man organization enforces a "wellness program" that includes blood and urine tests, as explained on their official policy page, and strictly prohibits using performance-enhancing drugs. Any competitor caught with illegal substances in their system will be immediately disqualified. Steroids may give athletes an unfair edge while also posing a risk of premature death within the sport.


The use of steroids is a complex issue, particularly in the realm of Strongman sports, which require immense levels of mass, power, and strength to compete. Athletes like Björnsson must consume significant amounts of food to support their immense strength, and their training routines are beyond extreme. While some may see performance enhancing drugs as just another tool available to athletes, they remain prohibited until the WSM and other regulatory bodies modify their policies.

Björnsson is set to appear in the last season of Game of Thrones this spring and is anticipated to participate in the defense of his World's Strongest Man championship in Florida this coming June.

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