Bodybuilding Legend Ronnie Coleman Selling Texas Home for $495,000

 The King of Arlington, Texas has recently put his home up for sale and anyone who wants to own a piece of history can come and visit the property.

Famous bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman is preparing to move to a better home. He announced on Instagram that he is selling his current residence in Arlington, Texas, which is worth around $495,000. This decision was made after his wife desired a larger abode.

In the 2000s, Coleman was unbeatable in the Men's Open division due to his exceptional muscle size and fitness. He faced tough competition from prominent figures such as Flex Wheeler (who won the Arnold Classic four times), Jay Cutler, and Kevin Levrone. Ultimately retiring from competitions, Coleman cemented his legacy by winning eight Mr. Olympia titles - a feat tied only with Lee Haney as the most all-time wins.

Despite no longer participating in competitions, Coleman keeps a close eye on the sport. Observing this year's Men's Open scene, 'The King' has prognosticated that Derek Lunsford will prevail against current champion Hadi Choopan when they meet at the 2023 Mr. Olympia in Orlando, Florida.

Despite encountering numerous health problems in his retirement, Coleman remains committed to his training regimen. He enjoys showcasing his workouts to inspire his followers and has even established a highly sought-after YouTube channel with almost 1.7 million subscribers. As family life becomes increasingly important to Coleman, the 58-year-old has opted to put up for sale his Arlington, Texas residence.

Ronnie Coleman has put up his Texas residence for sale at a price that is almost half a million dollars after residing there for a period of 26 years.

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