Bodybuilder Urges Colleagues to "Give Your Organs a Break" from Steroids

 Bodybuilding veteran Victor Martinez has given a stark warning to aspiring athletes about the importance of steroid cycling in order to give their organs a break. 

The pro-bodybuilder sat down with the Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network and expressed concern about the mistakes that are being made by steroid users.

 Martinez highlighted the importance of stopping the use of steroids for periods of up to 14 weeks to allow the body to detox, thus giving organs a break.

 The athlete was clearly pointing out that there are no shortcuts to success and that aspiring professionals need to understand the process and importance of steroid cycling. 

Martinez also told a story of how he used to sell weight-reducing supplements that subsequently had side effects such as suppressing appetite and affecting people’s hearts. The athlete stressed the importance of the tenet that there are no shortcuts to success.

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