The Myth of Weight Lifting for Children Debunked by 12-Year-Old Brazilian Bodybuilder

 A video displaying the transformation of a bodybuilder who is 12 years old over a year has been shared and is causing a surprise.

Cauzinho Neto, a young teenager from Brazil who is also known as "Mini Monster," has gained a significant amount of mass or size.

In modern times, he possesses a well-developed, muscular back, chest, and abs. He demonstrated his improvement from March 2022 to the previous month in footage uploaded on his Instagram profile.

The Portuguese caption declares that there is a common misconception that even a young child is incapable of being trained.

I would like to express my appreciation and give thanks to all the experts who have assisted us and made this endeavor meaningful. I also feel grateful for the presence of my followers who are here to endorse me. To my family, let's stay united!

The young male developed a strong and athletic body through a rigid routine of lifting weights, doing cardiovascular exercises, and participating in Crossfit training.

While the video highlights Cauzinho's remarkable deadlifts and pull-up variations, he is in fact a versatile athlete who excels in multiple areas.

According to the Mirror, every morning the boy gets up at 5:30am to go for a run that spans three miles before attending school. Once his homework is completed, Cauzinho dedicates an additional two and a half hours to exercise before retiring to bed at 9pm.

To allow for some relaxation and socializing with friends, the parents of the boy ensure that he takes a break during the weekends from his routine. It was in 2021 when Carlos Pitanga Filho, his father, introduced him to the gym for the first time and started his training.

For a while now, doctors have been worried about the effects of this kind of weightlifting on young boys.

According to the Generation Iron report, it is stated that there are potential risks of causing harm to muscles and growth plates. These consequences could have severe impacts in the long run.

The father of the boy has a group of doctors and other professionals who are working with him to prevent any unfavorable outcome for his son.

According to the father, Cauzinho is under the care of experts who are monitoring him closely to prevent any issues and adjust his training accordingly.

During his training period of one year and four months, he has experienced a growth of approximately 13 centimeters, which aligns with the typical growth pattern seen in individuals of his age bracket.

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