"You Were Scared": Jay Cutler's Cameraman Jokes After His Unplanned Exit with a Female Fan

 Retired bodybuilding champion Jay Cutler recently found himself in an unexpected situation when a female fan approached him during his live Youtube video. During the shoot at Leon Cafe, the fan asked Cutler to come with her, leaving his cameraman Dave scared. Later, Cutler revealed the truth behind the incident and made a big announcement.

At the cafe, Cutler was about to order his meal when he was approached by a female fan. Dave, the cameraman, teased him about the incident, asking where Cutler had gone. To this, Cutler responded that the woman worked at the cafe and she wanted pictures with him. He also revealed that she was so happy and excited to meet him that she asked him to come any time for breakfast.

After this incident, Cutler made a big announcement. He declared that he will be competing in Masters Olympia, a bodybuilding competition that will take place in Romania from 26-27th August. Moreover, Cutler said he will document his entire journey to the competition on his Youtube channel. He will also share weekly updates of his body physique with fans.

Cutler's encounter with the fan and his subsequent decision to compete in Masters Olympia indicates his popularity even after retirement. With his Youtube channel and upcoming competition, fans are sure to be treated with amazing content and a performance that will be worth watching.

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