The Rock Lookalike Treated Like a Celebrity by Clients - Personal Trainer's Resemblance to The Rock Goes Viral on Social Media

 Every day, a personal trainer claims that he gets stopped by people on the street who mistake him for The Rock, a famous Hollywood superstar due to their uncanny resemblance.

Antonio Muratore asserts that he was once hired to act as the body double for the former WWE celebrity, Dwayne Johnson. Interestingly, Muratore also has identical tattoos to those of Johnson.

Wherever he goes, even when he is relaxing on the beach, people gather around the 54-year-old man from Milan to take pictures with him.

He stated that resembling the person he does is an amazing experience. Usually, he prefers to keep his life private and avoid drawing attention to himself; however, he never gets tired of this particular aspect since it brings joy and happiness to people.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to have the opportunity to meet him at some point in the future.

Antonio initially failed to recognize the resemblance, but he began to notice it after someone pointed it out. Consequently, more and more individuals began approaching him.

About a decade ago, someone whom he considered to be a friend made a comment to him that he bore a resemblance to The Rock.

As time passed, individuals would frequently approach me for photographs no matter where I went. It occurs frequently at a hotel, in restaurants, and on the beach without pause.

I experienced a situation where someone trailed me for 15 minutes, causing me to feel anxious. Usually, I am willing to capture a photograph with pleasure.

I am grateful to resemble him as he is a remarkable individual, excelling both in athletics and personal achievements.

Antonio claimed that on one occasion, he attended a movie screening featuring the actor known as the Rock. When the film concluded, he was surrounded by a large crowd of people.

He stated that when the movie was over most people left and only a handful of children remained.

As soon as the light switched on, the children noticed me and began screaming excitedly, calling out my name - "The Rock!"Everyone hurriedly went back inside the movie theater to capture a photo. The atmosphere was chaotic.

Antonio, who is employed in a part-time capacity as an actor, has taken the extreme measure of acquiring 50 tattoos on his arms to emulate the appearance of The Rock. He believed that being a body double would increase his chances of being cast in acting roles.

However, the aforementioned consequence was not the sole effect - it signified that he is now frequently subjected to being stopped wherever he travels.

He stated that whenever he is at the beach, individuals tend to notice his tattoos, and as a result, they approach him and request to take a picture with him.

Whenever I wear my sunglasses, people tend to treat me like a celebrity during the entire summer season. This occurs repeatedly.

Occasionally, he may admit that he is not authentic, but frequently he will go along with the ruse. He mentioned that he frequently stands for photographs and is always willing to pause and have his picture taken.

On occasions, individuals may discover that I am not actually the person they thought I was. Nevertheless, they still desire to take a photograph with me, which I have no issue with.

According to Antonio, he was selected to act as The Rock's stand-in by a prominent Hollywood movie producer, but due to the Covid outbreak, he couldn't pursue this dream. Now, Antonio desires to express his gratitude towards The Rock for greatly influencing his life.

Antonio expressed that he is an introverted individual and prefers not to be the center of attention. It brings me joy to receive recognition when I am referred to as "the Rock".

I feel delighted when individuals refer to me by his name and acknowledge my resemblance to him, as it makes me feel like I resemble someone who is esteemed.

Whenever I'm feeling down, all it takes is someone pointing out The Rock's presence, and suddenly my mood lifts. Antonio expressed his desire to challenge the ex-wrestler in a boxing match and believes that he can compete with him effectively.

He expressed that he practices Thai boxing and believes that he may have a shot at winning if challenged in this particular fight. He also shared his mother's belief that he would emerge victorious.

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