The Rise of "The Nigerian Lion" Samson Dauda: A Pro Bodybuilder's Journey

Samson Dauda is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model who has gained immense popularity for his outstanding physique and dedication to the sport. Born in Nigeria, he resides in the United Kingdom and is known as "The Nigerian Lion" in the bodybuilding community.

 Samson has become a prime example of how bodybuilding is a global sport that transcends geographical boundaries. He is widely recognized for his prepping skills and is often seen grilling his seasoned proteins bi-weekly. Samson's main source of income is his bodybuilding and modeling shows, and he has earned a reputation as one of the most promising bodybuilding prospects. At the age of 30, he finished an incredible 6th place in his first Olympia Competition, which was just one place behind the former reigning champion. 

Despite his massive build at 330 pounds, Samson's waist is impressively small, and he sports striated glutes like never before. His hard work and dedication have earned him fame and success, and he is a true inspiration for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.

Samson Dauda Stats

Samson Dauda Weight 275-330lbs

Samson Dauda Height 5’11”

Samson Dauda Age Date of Birth 1992

Samson Dauda Nationality Nigerian

Samson Dauda Biography

Samson Dauda won the IFBB Amateur Diamond Cup Rome in the 90kg-plus division and was awarded an IFBB Pro card. In his debut as a professional bodybuilder, he finished fifth at the 2018 EVLS Prague Pro Showdown but his subsequent performances were not so impressive. However, Dauda put on a remarkable display at the 2019 British Grand Prix and secured second place ahead of James Hollingshead, thereby defeating some strong opponents and coming behind the winner Nathan De Asha.

Samson Dauda caught the attention of those in the bodybuilding community and was seen as a serious competitor when he placed second at the 2021 Arnold Classic UK, despite losing once again to Nathan De Asha. Despite this, everyone appreciated his greatly improved physique and excellent conditioning. From that point onwards, Dauda made steady progress in his career and earned a spot directly qualifying him for the 2022 Mr. Olympia after winning the 2021 EVLS Prague Pro following a few good finishes. However, he still decided to compete shortly after at the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro, where he ultimately came in second place.

Dauda was not widely expected to do well in the 2022 Arnold Classic, but he confidently predicted the results and ultimately proved himself to be highly accurate, despite the attention being focused on other bodybuilders.

After achieving an invitation to participate in the Maiden Olympia contest, Samson Dauda began readying himself for the 2022 Mr. Olympia, due to his fourth-place win at the 2022 Boston Pro.

Samson Dauda's greatest strength going into the Olympia was his large size, weighing an impressive 330lbs during his off-season. Despite rising stars such as Andrew Jacked and Michal Krizo making their debut, there were doubts about Dauda being a true contender in the Men's Open category. Nevertheless, experienced bodybuilders like Chris Cormier recognized Dauda's potential and believed he could be a threat if he tightened his waistline.

The Nigerian-British bodybuilder faced a challenging group of competitors at the Olympia stage, considered to be one of the toughest in recent memory. However, Dauda performed remarkably well and earned a sixth-place finish, coming extremely close to placing in the top five. Even experienced bodybuilder Milos Sarcev believed that Dauda could have beaten Nick Walker for third place. Despite this, Dauda remained positive about the results and shared his appreciation for them on Instagram.

2023 Arnold Classic Champion: SAMSON DAUDA

The 35th Arnold Classic was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Ohio on March 3rd weekend. During the event, seven winners were declared, with Samson Dauda being crowned as the men's open Arnold Classic champion. Fans witnessed these victories with excitement.

Dauda had to compete against nine of the best bodybuilders in the world who belong to the IFBB Pro League. Some of them were Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay, Nick Walker, and Andrew Jacked. Shaun Clarida, the current Olympia 212 Champion, was also a part of this lineup of ten contestants. Despite being much lighter in weight as compared to some others, Clarida still managed to place in the fifth position. Eventually, it was a contest between Dauda and Nick Walker for the championship title during the finals. As announced by Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of the eventful evening, it was Dauda who emerged as the winner and he received a trophy along with a cash prize worth $300,000.

Samson Dauda Family Life 

Samson Dauda is a married man who prioritizes his bodybuilding lifestyle. His wife, Marlenka, plays a pivotal role in assisting him with this endeavor. Marlenka enjoys cooking nutritious meals for Samson and assists him with daily tasks to ensure he can concentrate on his objective of winning the prestigious Mr. Olympia title. While the couple currently has no children, their dog Cerberus is an essential member of the family and accompanies Samson wherever he goes throughout the day.

Competition History

2015 IFBB Amateur Olympia UK – 8th
2017 IFBB Arnold Classic Amateur Europe – 5th
2017 UKBBF British Championships – 2nd
2017 IFBB Amateur Diamond Cup Rome (Over 90 kg) – 1st
2017 IFBB Amateur Diamond Cup Rome (Overall) – 1st (Won the IFBB Pro card)
2018 EVLS Prague Showdown – 5th (Pro Debut – Men’s Open)
2018 George Farah Classic Pro Italy – 9th
2018 Romania Muscle Fest Pro – 11th
2019 British Grand Prix – 2nd
2019 Chicago Pro – 7th
2019 Vancouver Pro – 8th
2019 Portugal Pro (Mr. Big Evolution) – 5th
2020 Monsterzym Pro – 2nd
2020 Europa Pro – 5th
2020 British Grand Prix Pro – 6th
2021 Arnold Classic UK – 2nd
2021 Yamamoto Cup Pro – 3rd
2021 KO Pro Egypt – 3rd
2021 EVLS Prague Pro – 1st
2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro – 2nd
2022 Arnold Classic – 4th
2022 Boston Pro – 4th
2022 Olympia – 6th
2023 Arnold Classic – 1st

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