The Mutant Nick Walker Responds to Arnold Classic Loss and Calls for Respect in Bodybuilding Community

 Nick Walker Asks Fans to Stop Criticizing Judges and Competitors After Arnold Classic. Nick Walker Highlights Importance of Sportsmanship After Runner-Up Finish at Arnold Classic

Bodybuilder Nick Walker has urged his fans to remain respectful towards the judges and competitors of the 2023 Arnold Classic after some of his followers took to social media to express their disappointment with the results of the competition. 

Walker, who finished second behind Samson Dauda, also won the Franco Columbu Most Muscular award, acknowledged Dauda's performance and thanked his supporters for backing him. 

The 28-year-old made significant improvements to his physique since his debut at Mr. Olympia in 2021, and despite missing out on a top spot at the Arnold Classic, looks set to continue with his winning momentum in the coming months.

While judging Arnold competition, Nick Walker faced tough competition with Andrew Jacked and Samson Dauda for the first position. However, Dauda managed to win the title by a slight margin. Despite losing the top spot, Walker was declared as the winner of Franco Columbu Most Muscular award and secured second place.

Some people expressed their dissatisfaction with the judges' ruling and shared their views on social media. Milos Sarcev, Dauda's coach, believed that Walker's smaller leg size affected his overall symmetry and caused him to lose the title. Zack Khan, an experienced bodybuilder, shared a similar opinion that Jacked should have taken third place instead of Walker.

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