Tattoo Artist Helps Man Cheat His Way to a Summer-Ready Body with a Six-Pack Tattoo


A man from Manchester, UK has opted for an alternative way to achieve a summer-ready body by getting abs tattooed onto his stomach. 

The tattoo artist behind the transformation, Dean Gunther, was tasked with creating the realistic-looking six-pack on his customer's abdomen, which took a total of two days to complete. 

The client had expressed his desire to look fit and ready for summer but wasn't interested in going to the gym or dieting. Instead, he opted for a six-pack tattoo, which will allow him to maintain his love for beer and good food whilst looking buff.

 Gunther approached the challenge with excitement, determined to create a tattoo that was more realistic and not just basic black outlines. The proud customer was so pleased with the results that he pulled up his shirt to reveal his new muscular stomach while rubbing it in delight. 

The video of the tattooing process has already garnered thousands of views on social media.

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