Samson Dauda Takes Home $300,000 as Men's Open Bodybuilding Champ

 The 2023 Arnold Classic, held from March 2-5 in Columbus, Ohio, was an exciting event for bodybuilding fans. With over 10,000 athletes from 80 nations participating, there were more than 60 events across seven divisions. The Men's Open division was particularly special this year, as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arnold Sports promoters increased the prize money by $100,000. The winner received a massive $300,000 check, equivalent to the prize money at Mr. Olympia.

Samson Dauda was crowned the Men's Open champion, beating Nick Walker, Andrew Jacked, and Big Ramy. It was a three-man battle during the finals, but Dauda managed to secure his first AC title, along with the $300,000 prize money. In the Classic Physique division, Ramon Rocha Queiroz beat Urs Kalecinski to win the title, along with $60,000.

Erin Banks defended his Men's Physique title, becoming the only athlete in the history of the sport to win both the Arnold Classic and Olympia titles in the same calendar year. Banks received $10,000 for his win. In the Bikini division, Lauralie Chapados won her second title after a close contest with Maureen Blanquisco; she received $10,000 in prize money. Ariel Khadr won the Fitness division for the second time, earning $25,000, while Kassandra Gillis won the Wellness division, receiving $7,000. Finally, Harold ‘King Kong’ Kelley won the Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pro title, securing his sixth Arnold Classic title.

2023 Arnold Classic Men’s Open Results

  • First Place – Samson Dauda
  • Second Place – Nick Walker
  • Third Place – Andrew Jacked
  • Fourth Place – Big Ramy
  • Fifth Place – Shaun Clarida
  • Sixth Place – Akim Williams

2023 Arnold Classic Classic Physique Results

  • First Place – Ramon Rocha Queiroz
  • Second Place – Urs Kalecinski
  • Third Place – Alex Cambronero
  • Fourth Place – Mike Sommerfeld
  • Fifth Place – Courage Opara
  • Sixth Place – Junior Javorski
  • Seventh Place – Jason Brown

2023 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Results

  • First Place – Erin Banks
  • Second Place – Diogo Montenegro
  • Third Place – Emanual Hunter
  • Fourth Place – Vitor Chaves
  • Fifth Place – Carlos DeOliveria
  • Sixth Place – Edvan Ferreira Palmeria

2023 Arnold Classic Wellness Results

  • First Place – Kassandra Gillis
  • Second Place – Angela Borges
  • Third Place – Rayane Fogal
  • Fourth Place – Alexis Adams
  • Fifth Place – Marissa Andrews
  • Sixth Place – Andrea Hrenko
  • Seventh Place – Amanda Burnett
  • Eighth Place – Sunny Andrews

2023 Arnold Classic Fitness Results

  • First Place – Ariel Khadr
  • Second Place – Jaclyn Baker
  • Third Place – Michelle Freda-Mensah
  • Fourth Place – Allison Kramer
  • Fifth Place – Terra Plum
  • Sixth Place – Tiffany Chandler
  • Seventh Place – Tamara Vahn
  • Eighth Place – Minna Pajulahti
  • Ninth Place – Kristin Pope

2023 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair Results

  • First Place – Harold Kelley
  • Second Place – Tory Jones
  • Third Place – Bradley Betts
  • Fourth Place – Woody Belfort
  • Fifth Place – James Berger
  • Sixth Place – Tim Caldwell

2023 Arnold Classic Bikini Results

  • First Place – Lauralie Chapados
  • Second Place – Maureen Blanquisco
  • Third Place – Jennifer Dorie
  • Fourth Place – Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Fifth Place – Romina Basualdo
  • Sixth Place – Ivanna Escandar

Muscles Monsters congratulates all the athletes who participated in this historic event, and we encourage our readers to check our website for the latest news and updates on the bodybuilding world.

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