Milos Sarcev Talks About the Shawn Ray and Dominic Nicholls' Fight and its Implications for the Bodybuilding Community


A confrontation between bodybuilding greats Shawn Ray and Dominic Nicholls, the son of coach Chad Nicholls, erupted at the 2023 Arnold Classic Expo in March. Ray took issue with Chad Nicholls' training style and blamed him for the deaths of several athletes. 

During the altercation, which lasted around 30 to 45 seconds, Ray reportedly stated that he could hear Chad Nicholls just OK and that he did not want to speak with him. Milos Sarcev, who witnessed the incident, said that nobody had the altercation on camera but that it had been staged. 

Chris Cormier confirmed that it was about Shawn Ray accusing Chad Nicholls of having "blood on his hands." Dennis James supported Dominic Nicholls' actions and expressed that he would do the same if someone made similar accusations against his father.

One of the most successful bodybuilding coaches, Nicholls, guided Big Ramy and William Bonac in the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic of 2022. Even though Big Ramy did not manage to win in either competition, a majority of supporters thought that he showed considerable improvement compared to his performance at Olympia last year.

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