Michal Krizo's Favorite Shoulder and Tricep Exercises for Explosive Growth

 Inside the Gym with Michal Krizo: How He Builds Huge Shoulders. Michal Krizo Reveals His Secrets to Building Huge Shoulders and Triceps

Slovakian bodybuilder Michal Krizo has been working tirelessly to elevate his career in the Men's Open division of bodybuilding. Krizo recently won the 2022 EVLS Prague Pro and earned a direct qualification for the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Although he finished 12th at the event, experts predict that Krizo has the potential to shake up the division in the future.

In preparation for his upcoming competitions, Krizo took to the gym for an intense shoulder and triceps workout. The workout started with cable triceps pushdowns to warm up the elbow joint followed by dumbbell lateral raises to work the lateral deltoid muscles. The close-grip bench press, which puts more emphasis on the triceps, was next on the list.

Next, Krizo targeted the posterior deltoid muscles with bent-over seated delt raises, followed by rope triceps pushdowns to work all the heads of the triceps effectively. Finally, Krizo cranked out some heavy sets of machine shoulder press to target the anterior deltoid muscles.

Krizo's workout is catered towards building huge shoulders and triceps, two muscle groups that are essential in bodybuilding. If Krizo improves his conditioning, he can become a top contender in the Men's Open division in no time.

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