Larry Wheels Plans to Compete in Classic Physique Bodybuilding in 2023

 Larry Wheels, the popular fitness personality known for his impressive feats of strength, has hinted at a possible appearance in Classic Physique bodybuilding. In a recent interview with RxMuscle, Wheels revealed that he is content with his current journey and focused on his family, but has his eyes on Classic Physique as a potential avenue to compete in.

Wheels, who made his bodybuilding debut in 2018 and won gold at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic, explained that Open Bodybuilding poses a challenge due to his height and the muscle required to be competitive. Instead, he sees Classic Physique as a more viable option and believes he can maintain his size while making any necessary improvements in conditioning.

"I think I can have more longevity in Classic Physique," Wheels shared in the interview. "Doing Classic, I’m already as big as I need to be. If not, I have to gain a few more pounds and then cut to the cutoff at 220 or 230. I think I look great and could actually be competitive."

Wheels have already begun training for Classic Physique with coach Ryan Benston and have continued to lift heavy as part of his prep. If he were to join the division, it would draw even more attention with another fitness star in the mix. Current four-time Classic Olympia champion Chris Bumstead is arguably the most famous bodybuilder in the world and Wheels' potential appearance would only increase the excitement surrounding the division.

While nothing is set in stone yet, it is clear that Wheels has an interest in competing in Classic Physique and fans could see him on stage soon. As always, die-hard followers of the fitness star have been closely following his journey through his Instagram account.

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