Jay Cutler's Incredible Physique Update Proves Age is Just a Number

 Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler has wowed fans with his latest physique update for his ‘Fit for 50’ challenge. 

The four-time Mr. Olympia winner, who retired from competition over a decade ago, shared a video on YouTube displaying his incredibly shredded package. The 49-year-old Cutler has been maintaining his fitness and gaining a reputation for his vast bodybuilding knowledge.

 In the last few weeks, he has offered insights into his training routines and dietary preferences. While Cutler had dismissed the idea of returning to the competition stage, his phenomenal progress has left fans wondering if he will change his mind. Cutler’s intense rivalry with eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman is considered one of the sport’s greatest.

In the most recent 'Fit for 50' challenge update, Jay Cutler displayed his muscular and impressive physique.

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