Jay Cutler Reveals His Favorite Workouts for Bigger Arms

 Build Sleeve-Ripping Biceps Peaks with Jay Cutler's Workouts. Explore Jay Cutler's Arm Workouts for Increased Grip Strength

Bodybuilding icon Jay Cutler has shared tips on how to add size to the forearms and target the long head of the biceps. In two separate YouTube videos, Cutler shared his favorite exercises for bigger forearms and sleeve-ripping bicep peaks. 

The former IFBB Pro League champion revealed that identifying the long head of the biceps could be tricky, but he recommended alternate dumbbell curls, barbell curls, preacher curls, and cable curls. Cutler also recommended utilizing an 8-12 rep range with three sets for optimal bicep development. As for forearm gains, Cutler favors reverse curls and hammer curls with dumbbells, focusing on the contraction in a 10-12 rep range. 

During his 20-year tenure in bodybuilding, Cutler developed 22-and-a-half-inch biceps, and his comprehensive approach continues to be a valuable resource for the bodybuilding community.

Bodybuilding icon Jay Cutler recently shared his top workout tips on how to develop bigger forearms and biceps with the world. In a series of informative YouTube videos, Cutler offers a range of exercises for those looking to strengthen their upper body. 

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