Jay Cutler Discusses Nick Walker's Performance at 2023 Arnold Classic on Cutler Cast Podcast

 Four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler analyzed the 2023 Arnold Classic and shared his thoughts on the top competitors. 

Cutler mentioned Samson Dauda, Nick Walker, Big Ramy, and Andrew Jacked following the conclusion of the event. Dauda won the Arnold Classic, with Walker in second and Jacked in third. Cutler believed that the top three competitors could have gone in any direction, but Dauda looked incredible. 

He advised Walker to focus on out-muscling competitors since he doesn't have the shape of Dauda. Cutler praised Jacked for performing well against a tough lineup in Ohio. Additionally, Cutler believes Big Ramy could still win the Mr. Olympia title and that Derek Lunsford could have won the 2023 Arnold Classic if he had signed up. 

Bodybuilding guru Chris Aceto and coach Milos Sarcev shared their thoughts on the judges' scorecards and Walker's loss.

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