Little Arnold Schwarzenegger Showing Off Impressive Bodybuilding Skills

 Joseph Baena, son of bodybuilder and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

 His recent Instagram post showcasing his physique and posing skills has elicited various responses from fans, with many expressing how much he resembles his father. From comments such as “go little Arnold go” to “just like your dad bro”, Joseph Baena is winning hearts with his impressive physique and diverse range of ambitions. He has worked as a real estate agent, dancer, actor, and bodybuilder, and is now looking to expand his career even further. His attempt to create his own path while being compared to his iconic father only adds to his allure. Fans are now eagerly awaiting to see what the young star does next.

People have commented on how good his physique is, with some even asking if he was the inspiration for the live-action Hercules movie. He struck a pose dubbed “the most beautiful man in the world”. However, he was wearing a pair of classic checkered Vans in the post, and some fans felt the need to call him out on it. 

Joseph Baena was one of the many celebrities who participated in the reality dance show, Dancing With The Stars. Despite having a robust and rigid physique, the star impressed everyone with his smooth dancing skills and he quickly gained popularity. His fans loved watching him regularly on the show until he got eliminated.

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