Kevin Levrone Claims Big Ramy ‘Doesn’t Have the Balls’ to Get Shredded - Olympia Runner-Up Kevin Levrone Discusses Big Ramy's Ability to Shred for Arnold Classic

 In a recent interview with RxMuscle, bodybuilding veteran Kevin Levrone cast doubt on Mamdouh 'Big Ramy' Elssbiay's chances of success at the upcoming 2023 Arnold Classic. 

Levrone, who won two Arnold Classic titles himself, said that Ramy was likely trying to redeem himself after the tough blow of placing fifth in the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest. However, he believes Ramy does not dare to push himself to the extreme limits necessary to get ripped and shredded for the Arnold Classic. 

He praised the other competitors who had entered the contest on short notice, emphasizing that athletes have a limited amount of time to make money and should make the most of it. Big Ramy has received an intravenous stem cell treatment in preparation for the contest and has kept his progress under wraps, only sharing a recent physique update of his back. Should he win the title in Ohio, it will set Ramy up for a path back to the Mr. Olympia title.

Kevin Levrone thinks that competitors should take every opportunity to compete, especially when the prize money is more significant. Big Ramy will follow this advice to add another win to his record.

You can watch the full video below: 

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