Is The Rock Still Natural at 50? An Analysis of His Workouts

 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been a fitness icon for decades, and his latest video shows that the 50-year-old is still in amazing shape. In the video, The Rock can be seen performing barbell bicep curls with a tremendous amount of weight while holding a bar tied to chains. 

The Rock maintains a tight diet of protein, carbs, vitamins, and supplements to power his body and has admitted to working out six days a week to focus on a different muscle group each day. He has also been known to use social media to share his fitness journey with his followers, frequently sharing videos and pictures of his meals and exercises. Overall, The Rock’s dedication to fitness and commitment to remaining natural is truly admirable, and his impressive biceps prove the hard work he puts in inside and outside the gym.

Dwayne Johnson Workout 

 Johnson’s workout routine for the week, according to Gaspari Nutrition, sounds like a lot. He starts each workout with a 30-50-minute run – either on the treadmill or outside, depending on his location. Then, he works on isolated muscle groups on different days. According to the internet, it looks like this: Day one is legs, day two is back, day three is shoulders, day four is arms/abs, day five is legs again,

On a leg day, he does different exercises with a lot of reps spread out over several sets. These include walking lunges, leg presses, and various squats. He also deadlifts frequently.

Johnson pays particular attention to pull-downs, rows, and deadlifts while working out his back. He completes the same number of reps and sets for each exercise. Additionally, he does three sets of pull-ups. Given that he reportedly weighs 118kg (around 18.5 stones), this is quite the feat!

The Rock has massive shoulders because he emphasizes push exercises, like military presses and dumbbell raises, in his workout routine. For his arms, he does a variety of bicep curls using different techniques to build up the muscles.

Johnson has a day of rest on day seven, which is necessary after all of that. According to Georgie Spurling, PT and founder of The GS Method, “rest days are just as important as the workout itself. The importance of rest cannot be underestimated,” the fitness pro explains. “It allows your muscles to repair properly, for your body to reset, and for your hormone.

Dwayne Johnson dite

A lot of food is needed to maintain this level of exercise. According to Men’s Health, The Rock eats five to seven meals a day. In the past, he has shared that he consumes around 7,000 calories a day, mostly from lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

He likes bison and chicken and cod and might begin his day with porridge, eggs, and sometimes even a meat protein. He goes to the gym after breakfast and then has a fast-acting carb and some chicken afterward – because what else would you eat in the morning?

Johnson probably gets bored of his typical lunch of chicken, rice (or another carb), and vegetables. He might have this a couple more times throughout the afternoon, and then maybe have some casein powder (a protein found in milk) and get a hit of micronutrients with more vegetables.

Even The Rock takes a break from his intense workout schedule occasionally – and he’s gained a lot of online popularity for sharing his huge, belly-busting ‘cheat’ meals.

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