Flex Wheeler: "Ronnie Coleman Was Out of My Reach in 1999 Mr. Olympia"


Despite his best efforts, Flex Wheeler admitted he didn't stand a chance against Ronnie Coleman in the 1999 Mr. Olympia competition, as Coleman registered a perfect score and left no room to compete.

Wheeler recalls Coleman beating him “by 2 points or something” the year before, so he was determined to close the gap this time around. However, Wheeler soon realized that “he is out of my reach”, and admitted defeat. Coleman’s victory at the 1998 Mr. Olympia marked a turning point in his career and was the start of his 8 consecutive Mr. Olympia wins. Despite their rivalry, the two displayed exceptional competitiveness and respect for each other on the stage, and their tales of “professional rivalry” remain embedded in every fan’s mind to date.

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