Eddie Hall Slams Accusations of Steroid Use Against Dwayne Johnson

 Eddie Hall, a 339-lb former strongman, and 2017 World's Strongest Man winner has come to the defense of Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, amidst the ongoing steroid use controversy. In a recent episode of The Disruptors Podcast, Hall explained that he believes The Rock is merely on TRT, testosterone replacement therapy, and that it is a perfect and healthy thing to do.

 Hall argued that attacking someone for bettering their life doesn't make sense and that The Rock's continuing dominance at the box office and his ever-increasing fanbase proves that whatever he's doing is working.

Johnson often gives his fans an inside look at how he keeps his physique in shape. Recently, he shared the intense workout he used to finish his leg day four months ago. The workout consisted of five monster sets back-to-back with no breaks in between.

Another part of The Rock’s daily routine is his diet as Dwayne follows a very strict plan. So, the successful social media fitness influencer, Will Tennyson, took it upon himself to try out some of Johnson’s most luxurious cheat meals for five weeks. The Canadian allowed himself to indulge in pineapple coconut pancakes, burgers, and the well-known ‘Sugar Train,’ an array of sweet snacks.

After the Liver King exposé, the 50-year-old was heavily criticized by UFC color commentator Joe Rogan for supposedly lying about his use of steroids. He urged Johnson to come out with the truth about using gear and not to mislead his audience.

Eddie Hall stands up for The Rock against alleged steroid use and assumes he’s on TRT.

Recently, in a YouTube video, Eddie Hall shared his opinion on what The Rock does to stay in amazing shape at 50 years old. After careful consideration, Hall revealed that he believes The Rock is using TRT.

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