Discover the Benefits of Freeletics Personal Trainer App

Have you been struggling with motivation to work out? Look no further – the best personal trainer app is here! Read on to find out more about this free and incredibly useful app that can help take your fitness journey to the next level.

1. Introduction

If you're looking for a good personal trainer app that's free to use, then you're in luck! There are a few great options available, all of which are very useful.

The app offers a free 3-day introduction to the yoga series, which is a great way to get started. Future is another great option, as their premium subscription features unlimited one-on-one workouts with a fitness coach. However, if you're just looking for basic guidance and training, Obé Fitness is a great option. They also have a very useful free version. However, if you want ads to be interrupted during your workouts, then the paid version of the app is required.

2. Better Points – Get Rewarded for Exercising

The sheer number of free fitness apps that allow you to exercise at home is pretty awesome—but also kinda overwhelming. From HIIT-centric workouts to general workouts, these apps make it easy to stick to a fitness routine no matter where you are. Best of all, many of these apps offer rewards for exercisers, so you can really get your money's worth. Here are the top five free personal trainer apps for iPhone.

3. Strong – An App to Record Your Workouts

If you're looking for a great way to track your workouts, you'll love Strong. This app allows you to record your workouts and access them later, whether you're at home or at the gym. Plus, it has a one-on-one coaching feature to help you reach your fitness goals.

4. Obé Fitness – Best for Live Classes

If you're looking for a great way to get in shape, Obé Fitness is the perfect app for you. Not only do they offer live classes, but their trainers are some of the best in the business. You can also find groups to participate in, or personal coaching if you want to reach your fitness goals on your own. Plus, their app is free to download and use!

5. MapMyRun – Best for Running

If you're looking for a great personal trainer app that's free, MapMyRun is definitely worth checking out. Not only does it have a great user interface and easy navigation, but it also offers tons of features that will help you work on your running skills. If you're looking for a personal trainer that will help you track your progress, MapMyRun is definitely the best option out there.

6. Alo Moves – Best for Yoga

If you're looking for a personal trainer that you can keep on hand without spending a fortune, Alo Moves is definitely a great option. This app offers unlimited access to yoga, fitness, and meditation classes led by professional instructors. So whether you're looking to improve your fitness or just relax and de-stress, Alo Moves has you covered. Best of all, it's free to join!

7. Future – Best for Personal Coaching

If you're looking for a personal trainer app that's both free and really useful, you should definitely check out Future. This app offers one-on-one coaching via in-app messaging, text, images, and video, which is really helpful if you're struggling to stick to a workout routine. Plus, it has a 15-day free trial so you can try it out before you decide whether or not it's the right fit for you.

8. FitSW – Best for Free Workouts

8fit is the leading fitness app and your mobile personal trainer.

The app offers quick workouts combined with a simple interface that makes it easy to follow along. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced exerciser, 8fit has a routine for you.

8fit is available for free on both iPhone and Android, so there's no excuse to get fit!

9. 30-Day Free Trial Promo

There are a lot of great fitness apps out there, but which is the best for you? We’ve put together a list of the 5 best personal trainer apps that offer free trials so you can try them out before you commit to a subscription.

Nike Training Club is the clear winner when it comes to the best overall fitness app. It offers an incredibly comprehensive range of workout options, as well as video tutorials and support from a team of trainers. You can also try out ClassPass, which offers a longer free trial than most apps—30 days. HIIT-centric Strong is also a great option if you’re looking for an app specifically designed for HIIT workouts. Finally, if you’re just starting out and want an app that offers beginner-friendly workouts, try Peloton.

10. Conclusion

As a busy person, it can be tough to find the time and energy to go to the gym. However, there are plenty of great personal trainer apps that can help you get your workout on, no matter where you are. Here are the 10 best apps for fitness:

1. Obé Fitness

2. MapMyRun

3. Alo Moves

4. Future

5. MyFitnessPal

6. ToneItUp!

7. RunKeeper

8. Sweat24/7

9. CrossFit Games

10. Iworkout

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