The Incredible Transformation that Mark Wahlberg Achieved for His 2013 Role as a Criminal Bodybuilder


Mark Wahlberg shocked fans and critics alike when he managed to gain 40 lbs of muscle in just 7 weeks for his role as a criminal bodybuilder in the 2013 movie "Pain and Gain". This was an incredible feat, as professional bodybuilders usually aim to gain 10-20 lbs in a year. Wahlberg was determined to make it happen, and with his dedication and hard work, he made the seemingly impossible possible.

It’s quite the challenge to aim to build a physique like a bodybuilder. To do so, one must maintain a strict diet, take insane amounts of supplements and calories, and work out obsessively. Despite these hurdles, one man managed to rise above them all and build a body so quickly that it defied the science of bodybuilding.

Mark Wahlberg put himself through all of that for a movie! In 2013, the actor made headlines for his film Pain and Gain. Living up to its name, the actor went through a lot of pain to achieve unbelievable gains.

Wahlberg’s progress was so amazing that it took fans and critics by surprise. What was so great about the actor’s bodybuilding transformation?

Wahlberg knew what he was getting himself into when he took on the role of a criminal bodybuilder. Even though he was in shape and had a good build before the movie, the character needed him to bulk up. But how did a man weighing 165 lbs shoot up to 205 lbs?

Wahlberg's approach to bodybuilding went against the grain. The actor took up the challenge to become as physically big as possible. With only seven weeks to prepare and execute, the star began training rigorously and put his blood, sweat, and tears together. Even professional bodybuilders aim to increase about 10-20lbs a year, so how much could Wahlberg have gained?

Wahlberg gained approximately 40 lbs, which came as a huge surprise to fans. In the YouTube story, he said “I had to walk on the set at 205lbs. So, 40lbs of muscle in seven weeks”. To give some context, the actor gained roughly 6 lbs per week, whereas the average bodybuilder would hope to achieve that in 12 months!

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