Former IFBB Pro and Canadian Bodybuilder Talks About His Retirement Due to Kidney Damage

 Fouad Abiad, a former bodybuilding competitor, recently spoke to Flex Lewis on his podcast about the kidney damage that forced him to retire. Abiad initially injured his tricep which kept him off the stage but ended up battling kidney issues as well. Abiad is currently undergoing stem cell treatment for his kidneys in order to prevent any further damage and dialysis in the future. He stressed the importance of taking care of your health and warned current bodybuilders against burying their heads in the sand and pretending they're fine.

Over the course of his career, Abiad participated in many IFBB competitions and established himself as a reliable athlete. This includes four Arnold Classic appearances. In 2015, he did very well at the IFBB Europa Supershow and won first prize. Additionally, he scored back-to-back wins at the IFBB Vancouver Pro before placing second at the Tampa Pro.

Fouad Abiad opens up about kidney struggles that led to his retirement

In a recent YouTube video, Fouad Abiad talked about his fight with kidney problems that hindered his career and eventually forced him to retire.

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