Attention Sparks After TikToker Posts Viral Gym Video, She Issues Apology and Joey Swoll Reacts


Jessica Fernandez has admitted to making a mistake after posting a video in which she called out a man at the gym as "feral." In her apology, she expressed her regret for over-exaggerating the situation and apologized to the man, saying that he didn't do anything wrong. She also acknowledged that the man was only looking at her out of curiosity and was trying to help her with the weights. She concluded her apology by expressing her commitment to doing better in her content and life moving forward.

“To the man at the gym where this all started, I want to sincerely apologize. He didn’t do anything wrong, and I overreacted to our interaction,” wrote Fernandez. “I know a lot of people think that I’m only apologizing because I got called out after posting the video, and this is partially true.”

The now-deleted video shows Fernandez lifting weights and expressing frustration with a man who is standing behind her.

“Stupid f–king piece of s–t behind me,” said Fernandez into a microphone. “I hate this. I hate this. I hate when there are weirdos.”

Fernandez then zooms in on the man who can be seen in the vicinity and offers to help her attach a weight to the barbell she’s using. The video also features several captions including “What if I just ripped his pp out of its socket so he can never reproduce again” and “natural selection better take these weirdos out.”

In the video, Swoll claims that the man was only attempting to help Fernandez because he believed she was having a hard time with the weight and he noticed that she was in front of him with her camera aimed at him.

“There’s a big difference between staring at someone and just looking or glancing at them,” said Swoll.

“The reason this man is staring might be because you’re in front of him, to the side, and in his peripheral. You’re also holding your camera up, pointed directly at him, while talking to yourself. He’s probably thinking, ‘What is she doing?’ I know I would be.”

In her apology, Fernandez discloses that she has been sexually assaulted and harassed in the past, both of which have left her feeling “extremely” damaged.

The influencer also agrees that if she had not been called out, she wouldn’t have realized her mistake.

Reading through thousands of comments about myself, the situation, and the man in question really opened my eyes to how much damage this could have caused him,” said Fernandez. “Men and women face different problems when it comes to the opposite sex, and after seeing this from the perspective of an innocent man caught up in something like this, it made me feel physically sick with guilt.

“I think it’s crucial to hold people accountable for their actions and, as Joey says, help them ‘Do better,’” the influencer went on. “And that’s exactly what I plan to do with my content and my life moving forward.”

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