Liver King Sued for $25 Million in Alleged Conning Scheme, Former Customers Claim Liver King Conned Them Out of Money


Liver King, real name Bryan Johnson, is facing a $25 million lawsuit from a New York-based customer who claims Johnson deceived him and other customers into purchasing his products.

 The lawsuit alleges that Johnson promoted his brands by “consistently” appearing shirtless to “showcase his muscular physique” and for portraying “himself as the epitome of health” when in actuality he was using steroids. Johnson has since owned up to the lie and expressed his willingness to be natty, but it remains to be seen how he handles the lawsuit.

On multiple occasions, Johnson was asked about his involvement in steroids but he always denied the claims. However, on Nov. 25, Derek of More Plates More Dates (MPMD) - an expert on performance-enhancing drugs - revealed that Johnson had been using steroids. He did this by sharing emails that showed Johnson’s alleged steroid cycle as well as his blood work.

Although Johnson didn’t respond right away, he later uploaded a confession video where he admitted to lying and misleading many people. He expressed remorse for tricking his fans into thinking he wasn’t taking steroids

He recently tried to dispel the rumor that he got ab implants by visiting a doctor. Only time will tell how he handles the latest $25 million lawsuit.

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