During the 2022 Olympia Press Conference, Michal Krizo gave everyone a sneak preview of his physique.


Michal Krizo is making waves in the bodybuilding world as he prepares to take the stage at 2022, Mr. Olympia, this weekend. The Slovakian bodybuilder has been turning heads with his massive muscle size and symmetry since his debut in the IFBB Elite Pro League. After earning his IFBB Pro card earlier this year, Krizo has shown no signs of slowing down, smashing grueling back workouts and displaying an unreal physique for the press conference. With reigning two-time Mr. Olympia Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay standing in his way, Krizo is sure to put on a show that will make history. His final physique preview at the presser sent warning shots to the competition, proving that he has what it takes to compete with the best of them.

The sneak peek of the poses wasn’t going to change anyone’s mind – but it did get the crowd roaring. He was also notably the only athlete to participate in any form of a pose-down during the press conference. This is a big difference compared to last year when many athletes threw off their tops and flexed for the crowd.

You can watch the 2022 Olympia press

If you missed this year’s Olympia press conference and are feeling bummed, don’t worry – you can watch the whole conference for free. OlympiaTV is offering both the press conference and the Meet The Olympians event to all fans, whether or not the PPV package is purchased.

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