Nick Walker had an intense leg workout and decided to share his progress with fans. He is 4 weeks away from the 2022 Mr


Nick Walker had an excellent leg workout and shared his progress 4 weeks out from the 2022 Mr. Olympia competition.

In a new Instagram post, Walker shared a photo of himself posing in front of a mirror. His legs are absolutely shredded, with veins popping out all over.

"4 weeks out from the Olympia," he captioned the photo. "I'm feeling good, looking good, and ready to take on the best in the world."

Walker has been documenting his Olympia prep journey on social media, sharing regular updates with his fans. He's been putting in some serious leg work in the gym, and it's clearly paying off.

In addition to his shredded legs, Walker's upper body is also looking extremely impressive. He's got a huge chest and arms, and his shoulders are absolutely massive.

Nick Walker is working on his hamstrings with a leg workout in preparation for the 2022 Olympia

Recently, “The Mutant” took a trip to Las Vegas where he decided he would finish his preparations. While enjoying his time in Sin City, Walker ran into retired 212 seven-time Olympia Flex Lewis. Throughout their conversation, Walker said he felt lost after the 2021 Olympia. Even though it had an impact on his confidence for the rest of the year, Walker told Lewis with certainty that he will become the next Mr. Olympia.

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