Mr Olympia 2022 - All 36 Qualified Bodybuilders Smackdown!

 Mr. Olympia is the biggest and most prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world. It is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, and attracts the best bodybuilders from all over the globe. This year's Mr. Olympia will be held from December 15-18 and will feature 36 of the best bodybuilders in the world.

The Olympia weekend is the most important event in the IFBB pro league. The best bodybuilders from around the world compete for the title of Mr. Olympia, and the prize money that comes with it. The Olympia weekend is also a great opportunity for spectators to see some of the best physiques in the world up close.

There are five main divisions in bodybuilding for women: Bikini, Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, and Fitness. Trying to decide which division is best for you can be tricky. Here's a breakdown of what each division entails:

Bikini: This division is all about showcasing a feminine and toned physique. Bikini competitors must have a small waist and hips, with balanced muscular development throughout the rest of the body.

Figure: The figure division is similar to the bikini, however, competitors must have a bit more muscle mass. Figure athletes must still maintain a feminine look, with a focus on symmetry and muscular definition.

Physique: The physique division is for athletes who want to showcase a more muscular physique, while still maintaining a feminine look. Like figures, competitors must have balanced muscle development and good symmetry.

Bodybuilding: This division is for athletes who want to display maximum muscle mass and size. Bodybuilders must have extremely well-developed muscles, with very little body fat.

Fitness: The fitness division is a unique blend of gymnastics, aerobics, and calisthenics. Fitness competitors must be able to perform a routine that showcases their athleticism, flexibility, and strength.

The qualification period starts on September 13, 2021, and ends on November 20, 2022. The QOS awards point to competitors placing 2nd to 5th. These competitors have been awarded five points for the 2022 season. The IFBB Pro League released a list of those specific athletes who have already qualified, but here is a list of the athletes who have been confirmed:

2022 Olympia Qualified Athletes

Nick Walker (USA)
Nathan De Asha (UK)
Mamdouh Elssbiay (Egypt)
Brandon Curry (USA)
Hadi Choopan (Iran)
Hunter Labrada (USA)
Shaun Clarida (USA)
Regan Grimes (Canada)
Samson Dauda (UK)
Rafael Brandao (Brazil)
Angel Calderon Frias (Spain)
Joel Thomas (USA)
William Bonac (Netherlands)
Blessing Awodibu (USA)
Charles Griffin (USA)
Mohamed Shaaban (Egypt)
Hassan Mostafa (Egypt)
Mohammad Alnsoor (Jordan)
Vitor Boff (Brazil)
Andrea Presti (Italy)
Iain Valliere (USA)
Antoine Vaillant (Canada)
Akim Williams (USA)
Chinedu Andrew Obiekea (USA)
Vladyslav Sukhoruchko (Ukraine)
Derek Lunsford (USA)
Patrick Johnson (Denmark)
Tonio Burton (USA)
James Hollingshead (UK)
Michal Krizanek (Slovakia)
Leandro Peres (Brazil)
Theo Leguerrier (France)
Behrooz Tabani Abarghani (Iran)

2022 Olympia 212 Division

Shaun Clarida (USA)
Kamal Elgargni (Libya)
Mohamed El Azim (Egypt)
Ahmad Ashkanani (Kuwait)
Angel Calderon Frias (Spain)
Felipe Moraes (Brazil)
Oleh Kryvyi (Ukraine)
Douglas Connor (US)
David Henry (USA)
Anwar Al Balushi (Oman)
Yunlong Ping (China)
Bryan Balzano (US)
Robert Taylor (UK)
Lucas Silva Coelho (Brazil)
Noel Adame (USA)
Hossein Kalateh (Canada)
Oswaldo Gonzalez (USA
Ahmed Fawzi (Iraq)
Jafar Ghaffarnezhad Azizi (Iran)
Ayat Baghri (Iran)
Dean White (UK)
Dectric Lewis (USA)
Keone Pearson (USA)
Kerrith Bajjo (USA)
Naser Mohamed (Kuwait)
Romain Ramassamy (Canada)
Mazin Al Rahbi (Oman)
Peter Molnar (Hungary)
Hamed Juma (Bahrain)
Eduardo Correa (Brazil)
Radoslav Angelov (Bulgaria)
Sung Yeop Jang (South Korea)

That's all for this year's Mr. Olympia competition. We'll be back next year to see who takes home the title. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other blog posts for all the latest news in the world of bodybuilding.

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