Larry Wheels and Trystin Lee team up in Dubai for a shredded back workout.


Larry Wheels and Trystin Lee are two of the most popular fitness YouTubers out there. They’ve both built massive followings by sharing their workout routines, diet tips, and more. Recently, the two joined forces for a shredded back workout in Dubai.

Larry Wheels and Tristyn Lee met up again after four years to work out together in the gym.  Wheels is an American powerlifter, bodybuilder, and arm wrestler who is most famous for breaking personal powerlifting records in the gym. Although his powerlifting accomplishments are impressive, they have also resulted in injuries for the 27-year-old athlete. Unlike many others in the fitness industry, Wheels has never been afraid to admit that performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) played a big role in his success. In August of 2022, Larry Wheels stopped using PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and switched to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Larry Wheels and Tristyn Lee Hit Back Day

Back in 2019, Tristyn Lee and Larry Wheels met up to work on their chests. This is when Lee started to become a huge name in the fitness world. He started working out to stay fit for his soccer career but quickly realized he was more interested in bodybuilding.

The workout consisted of doing chest-supported T-bar rows and lat pulldowns. The workout started with T-bar rows. Larry Wheels put on wrist wraps while Tristyn Lee sported wraps and a lifting belt. The duo went on the machine and threw 20-pound plates on each side. After two warmup sets, the duo completed three working sets before moving on to the next.

The goal of this workout was to get wider in the back. The workouts were designed to help build the lats. The lat pulldown is a great back exercise and it ended the workout. Larry Wheels and Tristyn Lee are still talking about various training methods and diet plans. Wheels will carry on with TRT and produce excellent results.

Larry Wheels has been able to mostly fix the negative consequences of steroid use since he switched to HRT. Even though his performances may have gotten worse without the help of drugs, this new lifestyle is permitting him to live a much healthier and safer life. Even so, he continues to provide people with bodybuilding tips and be a motivation for millions of people to stay on track in their fitness journey.

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