Catch up with Koala bodybuilding monster Lee Seung-cheol

Seungcheol Lee is a Korean bodybuilder and Instagram star who is known for his incredibly shredded physique. In addition to his impressive muscle mass, Lee also has an extremely low body fat percentage, which gives him a vascular and defined look. Lee’s shredded physique has made him a popular figure in the bodybuilding community, and he is regularly featured in magazines and online publications.

When Seungcheol Lee goes on stage, the audience cheers and screams his name. Even when he is introduced as a judge for a brief moment, the audience is still going crazy and screaming. Last year, Lee Seung-Cheol (44), the Korean bodybuilding star, competed in the Unlimited Class of Mr. Olympia, the world's best bodybuilding competition, for the first time in Korea. The perfect bulk and definition that bodybuilders pursue are expressed in the heaviest weight class, which creates an indescribable three-dimensional effect.

 Lee Seung-cheol Bodybuilder Wiki

Name(이름) : 이승철

Country(국적) : KOREA

 age(나이)  :  1978

Height (키) : 177cm

Weight(체중) : 115~120kg

 Category(종목) : Bodybuilding 

It may be natural for Korean fans to replace Lee Seung-Cheol with Schwarzenegger and Coleman, who became world-class stars through Olympia. His sincerity and kindness are additional reasons to admire him. Lee Seung-Cheol has such a great body that he has no season or off-season. “The daily routine is training and rest. He rests at home and trains in the gym. That’s all.”

Seungcheol Lee’s philosophy on bodybuilding is found in his brief answer. Many of his students look up to him as a role model because he is so generous with his acquired knowledge and experiences. This is why students are passionate about it in competitions, in the gym, and privately.

Seungcheol Lee is being contacted by many broadcast media outlets, but he is refusing their requests. Seungcheol Lee said, “It is almost impossible to maintain a strong body while doing an entertainment program. Seungcheol Lee, who I met where thought and practice are on the same track, said that "bodybuilding is difficult even with training and rest, which are the basic elements of exercise. If he has time to appear on the air, he has to work out."

Seungcheol Lee's motivation is to fight with himself! As his body improves and changes, he gains confidence externally, but it also positively affects the inside. It builds confidence in everything. It would be good for others to start exercising and feel this process.

Seungcheol Lee said

Alcohol and cigarettes are really harmful to your health. Most people are unaware of how important diet and exercise are. Because of all the false information out there, people who don’t usually exercise must learn the proper method from a trainer or the internet. A ‘starving diet’ is one of the worst things you can do.


Lee Seung-Cheol's wife always helps him, so I train harder. Bodybuilding is a tough workout. It takes 365 days for management to grow. It seems that there are no days off. My wife can't go anywhere, so she makes an exercise schedule and manages her diet. I want to say to my wife that I love her and thank her for everything.

Seungcheol Lee is one of the most impressive bodybuilders in the world. His muscles are so big and defined that it’s hard to believe he’s real. But he is, and he’s here to show off his impressive physique.


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