Hunky Deputy Miguel Pimentel's shirtless selfies have gone viral on social media

Deputy Miguel Pimentel's shirtless selfies have gone viral on social media. Women are begging the officer to 'cuff them, arrest them or take them. Some have even threatened to commit a felony just to get his attention.

A muscular New York City Sheriff's deputy caught people's attention online after his selfies went viral on social media. Many people have stepped forward to ask the deputy to use his police powers to arrest them, take them to jail, and frisk them.

The 33-year-old deputy said that the attention has gotten so unmanageable that women are unhesitatingly approaching him on the street. Pimentel told the newspaper, "They gush, 'you're the cop on Facebook.'"

Even though his photos are making ladies all over the city feel hot and bothered, Pimental confesses that he has a girlfriend who is not happy about the attention he's been getting as of late. She has been dating him for two years and even has the approval of his mom who describes her as 'gorgeous.'Francia Pimentel, 57,  told 'They're a beautiful couple. She's got a good man, and she's a very good girl.'

Pimentel, who used to be a Marine, served his country for 10 years with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He attributes his amazing physique to bodybuilding and regularly working out at the gym.

He stated, "In my final year with the Marines, I was on the Marine Corps bodybuilding team. I enjoyed it immediately and it's been a big part of my life ever since."In 2013, the handsome deputy won the National Physique Committee New Jersey State Championships for amateur bodybuilding.

In the same year, he joined the Sheriff's Department. Some of his duties are confiscating property and executing court orders. But the handsome man confesses that his physical attractiveness, well-kempt hair, brown eyes, and muscular physique always gets him into trouble with women.

It happens frequently that when I go out in uniform to grab lunch, and I go to a place like Subway, the female workers will talk about me in Spanish because they think I don’t understand.

Pimentel, who is of Hispanic descent, notes: 'During exchanges in Spanish, they might say things like 'I want him to handcuff me,' or 'I want to take him into the back room.'

'I usually just act like I don't know what they're saying until I'm about to leave and then I'll tell them, 'You know I understood what you were saying, right?'

The Sheriff's Deputy has even discovered that his photos have been used to catfish unsuspecting women online, as people pretend to be him.

He has been told by at least four different girls that his photos are being used by internet scammers to catfish women and get to know them better. And the deputy admits that his fellow cops have been teasing him a little bit about his newfound internet fame.

Pimentel says that he loves the attention and thinks it's great. He adds that who wouldn't want some positive publicity?

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