Michal Krizo won the Olympia Amateur Italy 2022 and earned an IFBB Pro Card.


Michal Krizo has earned his IFBB Pro card with a win at the 2022 Amateur Olympia Italy. Krizo, who is from Slovakia, defeated a field of 22 other competitors to take home the overall title. This is a huge accomplishment for Krizo and puts him in a very select group of athletes.

Bodybuilder Michal Krizo is one of the most promising prospects and he made a name for himself at today’s 2022 Amateur Olympia Italy where he won first place and earned his pro card. A few months ago, the 32-year-old switched from the IFBB Elite Pro League to the NPC. Fans were convinced that it was only a matter of time before Krizo would compete alongside some of the freakiest mass monsters as a Men’s Open competitor in the IFBB Pro League.

After teaming up with decorated bodybuilding coach Milos Sarcev, for a high-volume back workout session months before the show, Krizo made headlines. Sarcev was left stunned by his first impression of the rising prospect. If he improves his back, Sarcev believes Krizo will pose a serious threat and sees him as a future top Olympia contender.

Jay Cutler, a well-known bodybuilder, agreed with Sarcev after meeting Krizo. He predicted that the Slovakian athlete will be very successful if he makes it to the 2022 Olympia stage. The four-time Mr. Olympia noted that Krizo had similar muscle fibers to seven-time Olympia winner Phil Heath, which are uncommon now.

In 2017, Krizo lost to fellow Men’s Open division standout Blessing Awodibu at an amateur bodybuilding contest.

Two weeks ago, Krizo shared an arm workout routine that was focused on his biceps that he used to get ready for the 2022 Amateur Olympia Italy. He talked about the diet and supplement stack that won him the show, which included his full day of eating. His day of eating consisted of six large meals made mostly out of rice porridge.

Michal Krizo wins IFBB Pro Card with a victory at Olympia Amateur Italy 2022.

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