Liver King won the UFC competition against Paulo Costa by crushing a pound of liver.


Brian Johnson is the CEO and founder of Ancestral Supplements. He's also known as the "Liver King." Johnson's company makes supplements that are based on ancient traditional medicine. The liver King diet consists of liver, eggs, maple syrup, and testes.

Liver King has become a social media star because he preaches the nine ancestral ways of life. A big reason for his success is his diet plan that involves consuming raw meats. When Liver King makes public appearances, he usually brings some of the meats for others to sample. Recently, he found himself in an eating challenge involving liver with UFC fighter Paulo Costa.

Liver King could have another meat-eating primal on his hands after his recent liver-eating competition. In a video posted on YouTube, Liver King was accused by Costa of cheating when he noticed that his competitor’s liver was seasoned and sauced.

Liver King became famous for his ripped body and love of consuming raw organic meat. He believes that this ancient lifestyle has helped him reach what he considers to be his ‘highest and most powerful form.’

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has questioned his commitment to the ancestral lifestyle. He suggested that Liver king’s larger-than-life persona is a shtick and doesn’t believe that the fitness influencer has a natural physique. This prompted Liver King to call out Rogan, though the two have yet to settle their differences face-to-face.

In one of his most recent collaborations, the 45-year-old joined top UFC middleweight Paulo Costa and Bellator’s Lightweight Champion Patricky Pitbull for a one-pound liver-eating contest. Even though it seemed like Liver King would dominate the match, Costa believes that there was some cheating involved in the meat-eating victory

Paulo Costa said that Liver King must have cheated because there is no way he could have eaten that fast. Paulo Costa explained that the contest was set up by Eric Albarracin, who is his coach. Before starting, Liver King claimed that he wanted to maintain his title. Costa could not believe the speed he was eating and said he had to be cheating.

The organ-eating primal continues to encourage others to eat raw meat and live a lifestyle similar to his own. The last time we saw the 45-year-old in the news, he joined Carnivore-diet enthusiast, Dr. Saladino. The two filmed a video in the supermarket highlighting the issues with processed foods and seed oils.

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