In a bizarre road rage assault, Calum Von Moger admitted guilt, claiming he was the victim of 'multiple carjackings.'

 Calum Von Moger Admitted Guilt in Bizarre Road Rage Assault, Claiming He Was the Victim of ‘Multiple Carjackings’

Mr. Universe winner, Calum von Moger, is sharing his explanation for a strange road rage attack in January. Von Moger was spotted in the Melbourne Magistrate Court on Monday where he admitted to intentionally damaging property, carrying a prohibited weapon, and carelessly driving a motor vehicle.

On January 26, the 32-year-old was in the news again after a peculiar car accident with another vehicle. After exchanging words with the other driver, Calum von Moger got into the passenger seat of the victim’s car. Then, he ended up puncturing the victim’s tire with a knife.

After police arrived at the scene, von Moger was arrested and his car was searched. The contents of his car surprised law enforcement when they found a stash of weapons in his trunk, which included black brass knuckles, a tomahawk, and a hunting knife. In addition, police reported finding a Victorian license plate covered in blood. Following the incident, von Moger was transported to the police station and later released on bail.

For von Moger, things only got worse from there. In June, he apparently jumped out of a two-story window and hurt himself badly. It’s unclear if he was trying to commit suicide, but many think he might be going through mental health issues. Even though he’s trying to get his life back on track, von Moger and his lawyer now have to explain his strange behavior from the road rage incident

Calum Von Moger's lawyer states that his client's mental health rapidly deteriorated in the past year. Bernard Campigli, Von Moger’s lawyer, claims that his client’s extreme response to the road rage situation was, in part, due to his negative experiences while living in America.

Von Moger and his lawyer stated that he was the target of multiple carjackings in Los Angeles, California. He continued by saying that he reacted too harshly when he stabbed the victim’s tires. His lawyer continued to explain that Von Moger was scared for his safety during the road rage episode.

Von Moger’s mother Ingrid was also present in court to show her son support, while his lawyer continued to express that he’s been struggling with a range of issues including the death of his support dog. His lawyer also asked the courts not to press Von Moger with assault charges, which were eventually dropped. The session was adjourned until next month so that his victims can write out impact statements to be heard in

This isn’t the first time von Moger has had a brush with the law. Days after the road rage incident, he was stopped by police in an unregistered vehicle. Police noted something was off, so they called for backup. They ended up arresting von Moger at the scene when they discovered testosterone, needles, cannabis oil, white crystal powder, prescription drugs, and Viagra

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