Here’s What Bodybuilder Joe Mackey Adds to His Grocery Cart for Off Season Muscle Growth


Joseph Mackey, an online fitness coach and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from Texas, is one of the strongest weightlifters in the world. Joe Mackey competes in Men’s Open Bodybuilding Class against some of the best bodybuilders including Hunter Labrada, Akim Williams, Kamal Elgargni, Mohammad Shabaan, and Hassan Mostafa.

Joe Mackey is a powerful athlete in the professional bodybuilding zone. The Men’s Open division standout boasts a muscular physique and has recorded some very impressive lifts over the years. In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, Mackey shared his grocery shopping list for packing on the pounds in the off-season.

Mackey became popular for his large chest and impressive arms that rivaled the best in the IFBB Pro League. After being placed 12th at the 2021 Chicago Pro, Mackey decided to take some time off to work on improving his physique.

Joe Mackey looked very fit in a physique update that excited fans for his appearance at the 2022 IFBB Tampa Pro. He was given the opportunity to work out with his coach Milos Sarcev prior to the contest, who also provided him with posing tips. He landed in fourth place and made a fast turnaround at the Texas Pro a week later, coming in ninth.

Joe is especially strong when it comes to deadlifting. In April, Joe met a goal he set for himself when he lifted 900 pounds- a personal best. The late bodybuilding legend Cedric McMillan was honored by Joe with a dedicated lift recently after his passing. Wrist wraps were the only gear used by Joe, along with a custom lifting belt that had motivation. He did the deadlift with a conventional stance and had a hook grip.

Joe went to three-time World Bench Press Champion C.T. Fletcher’s strength festival, Iron Wars VI, where he did extremely well. He lifted an 850-pound (385.5-kg) deadlift at the show. Although he was tired, he was determined to represent Texas and followed up with 21 reps of 500 pounds (226.8 kilograms) after a short break.

Joe Mackey uses his grocery cart to gain muscle during the off-season.

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