A hulking former Marine allegedly killed his ex-wife when she stopped by his Florida home

A hulking former Marine is accused of killing his ex-wife when she came to his Florida home to get her things. He then allegedly burned her remains, which were found in a pile on his property.

On Monday, 43-year-old Ian Christopher Baunach, a former Marine, was arraigned on first-degree murder charges in the death of Katie Baunach.

The last time Katie was seen alive was on September 29. A friend said she intended to go to Ian's to get some of her things, but she never returned.

The following day, the police were summoned to Ian’s home where Katie’s car was found parked outside. Despite the officers’ request, Ian refused to let them inside. Once the officers came back with a warrant.

detectives say that once they entered Ian's home, they observed indications of a struggle as well as blood stains. The officers say they discovered an AR-15 upper receiver and 13 silencers, a Glock Model 27 .40 caliber pistol inside a plastic bag on a bookshelf inside a safe. Katie's engagement ring and wedding ring were there too.

Detectives say they found human remains, which included a jawbone with an intact tooth, in a fresh burn pile outside of Ian's home. The burn pile smelled like flesh, and it was near a 50-gallon barrel.

The bodybuilder denies that he killed her, claiming she disappeared. However, Ian did confess that the two got into a fight over another woman. Ian was arrested two days after Katie's death and was charged with first-degree premeditated murder, destruction/concealment of physical evidence, and cremating a dead body.

Ian denied the charges in Tampa court this week. Last month, Katie filed for a restraining order against Ian after accusing him of harming one of their children. Ian was also detained on charges of the domestic battery through strangulation in November 2021.

If Baunach is convicted of first-degree murder on the state charge, Ian Christopher Baunach life in prison or the death penalty.

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