Who is The Natural Bodybuilder Simeon Panda And What is His Net Worth?

 Simeon Panda is a British fitness artist, professional bodybuilder, and entrepreneur. He is among the most influential fitness professionals with a large social media following. Panda is known for his enthusiasm and dedication to fitness, and he owns fitness clothing lines SP Aesthetics and Lift only. As a perfect player, Simeon Panda is an entrepreneur who owns fitness clothing lines SP Aesthetics and Lift only. On his own terms, he's one of the most influential fitness professionals with a large social media following.

Born on May 28, 1986, in London, Simeon has five siblings - a sister and four brothers. He is currently in a long-term relationship with fitness influencer and health coach Chanel Brown. She has been featured in his videos, where they have worked out together and shared their exclusive fitness tips. Together, they have been given the unofficial title of the Fittest Couple online.

On July 15th, 2022, Chanel welcomed her son Asher into the world. "Asher Panda | July 15th, 2022 We’ve been on a journey my brave little soul, there are no words to describe this love." she shared with the world just a few days later.

Simeon shared a sweet photo of his well-wrapped-up son, saying: "@asherpanda_ aka Mr. Burrito is here and I love him more than anything! I'm going to keep this short and sweet." the newborn has his own Instagram page with the catchy bio "a real-life baby Panda". Plus, there’s Cody Bear - the couple’s pet pooch - who has an impressive Instagram account all of his own!

How did Simeon Panda become famous for his fitness videos?

Simeon worked at a software firm before making the transition into the fitness world. He started uploading personal training videos to YouTube in 2011 and quickly became well-known for his efforts.

Simeon has been a weightlifter for many years and has consistently emphasized the importance of consistency when it comes to fitness goals. He has amassed millions of followers across social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In 2011, he started uploading personal training videos to YouTube.

Simeon has amassed a huge following on social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His bodybuilding status was solidified after he won the European Championships in 2013 where he earned Musclemania Pro status. He currently has 8,000,000 Instagram followers, 6.8 million Facebook fans, and over 132,000 Twitter followers.

He also judges tournaments globally. He currently owns fitness brands Just Lift and Elimin8, which can be found on his website. The products on the website include branded clothing and fitness equipment, such as weightlifting belts and knee/elbow wraps. The website also features fitness health supplements and a personalized quiz to help individualize training programs.

Simeon made an appearance at the “Mecca of Bodybuilding” Gold’s Gym, Houston, on August 27, 2022, alongside other famous fitness figures.

What is Simeon Panda's net worth?

Simeon, who was featured in Forbes' 2017 Top Fitness Influencers list, maintains a thriving social media presence that has earned him an immense net worth.

Although his net worth is not officially known, estimates suggest it is around $1 million. He ranks 172nd on a list of the world’s richest Instagrammers for making money from posts and following.

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