“The Fittest Soldier in the World” Diamond Ott Universal Soldier in Real Life

From the deserts of Afghanistan to the mountains of Colorado Diamond Ott has seen and done it all. A former United States Army Ranger Ott is now a world-renowned CrossFit athlete and he’s quickly making a name for himself as one of the fittest people on the planet.

Sergeant Diamond Ott is known as the “strongest soldier” and an American-certified extreme fitness trainer. He routinely displays his incredible fitness skills and bodyweight workouts on social media.

He’s spent 16 years in the US Army training and motivating troops and civilians all over the world.

Diamond Ott has put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to his mental and physical well-being. He has achieved this level of fitness through rigorous training and strict dietary habits.

Diamond Ott Age:  39 years

Diamond Ott  Birthplace: American Samoa

Diamond Ott Date Of Birth: 27 June 1981

Diamond Ott Height:182 cm

Diamond Ott Weight: 80 kg

Is Diamond Ott in the Army?

One of the many questions surrounding Diamond Ott is whether or not he is really a soldier. Soldiers aren't typically very popular and as valid as Dr. Dre's doctor title maybe it seems unlikely that Diamond Ott is actually in the military. However, the truth is that he is in fact in the army - just not the one you might think.

Diamond Ott entered the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program in high school and then joined the Army after graduation. In 2012 he was deployed to Afghanistan as a First Sergeant. Diamond is still an active member of the United States Army and is currently stationed in a leadership position.

He has served in the Army for more than 14 years. First, he was an Airborne Ranger with a Green Beret and then a member of the Delta Force. As a soldier, he has been awarded several medal ribbons. Currently, he is a logistics consultant and chief mentor of the 1st Cavalry Division stationed at Fort Hood.

Outside the Army, he is a certified extreme fitness trainer. This journey began when he was sent to Afghanistan in 2012. He had already developed a culture of fitness in high school where he spent a lot of time in the gym. After his deployment, he began to spend his free time training.

In October 2015, he set goals for himself and began to track his progress using the Instagram account @diamondcut_fitness Shortly after he surpassed 660,000 followers and became a social media sensation.

Diamond Ott who became the trainer for the 135 soldiers in his company has been featured in several men’s fitness magazines including Men’s Health. He has even been called the world’s strongest soldier. Diamond Ott has spent a great deal of time training leading and motivating various troops around the world as well as civilians.

Diamond Ott’s training principles have helped him achieve success in both his military career and as a fitness trainer. Whole-body movements are combined with short breaks to keep the trainee’s attention focused. As a fitness trainer working with members of the military Diamond Ott has had to lead and motivate troops around the world as well as civilians.

The popular fitness training routine of an army fitness trainer includes cardiovascular exercises three times a week with different exercises performed each week. For upper body training, he does push-ups pull-ups, and sandbags with medical balls.

Diamond Ott’s Workout Routine

This super soldier’s typical workout routine includes a wide variety of bodyweight exercises and mixed weights displaying superior body control. Some of the exercises we’ve never seen before so it’s hard to describe them.

Bench pushups

Tire strikes with mace

Full ab rolls with resistance band

Bar muscle ups

Laying barbell helicopters

Ab scorpions

Heavy Dumbell flyes


All exercises with a weighted vest

Ab rollout with the barbell overhead

Ab curls with a resistance band

Forward bear crawl to pushups

Side jump over the bench

Man-makers with kettlebell lunge

Sideways bear crawl to pushups

Backward bear crawl to pushups

Sideways bear crawl to pushups

Flag abs on the pull-up bar

Shuttle run with a weighted vest

Jump over 5 ft jump boxes

Each lap adds a 24-inch box

4 laps total

Diamond Ott Diet

Diamond’s advice on losing weight is to “assess your diet and eliminate the worst foods - sugary drinks fried foods processed carbs. But be sure to gradually reduce your intake of one bad item every few weeks. Don’t overdo it.”

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Diamond Ott and her incredible accomplishments. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of people who are pushing themselves to be the best they can be.

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