One month after ending his steroid use, Larry Wheels shared a physique update. He looks great and is feeling great! Thanks for supporting him through this difficult time.


Larry Wheels, a powerlifter, and world-renowned athlete, recently revealed his impressive transformation following treatment with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). His muscles have become lean and ripped, thanks to the hormone's powerful effects.

Larry Wheels is one of the most popular powerlifters in the world today. He’s been winning competitions and building an enormous following because of his incredible strength and personality in videos. Recently, he gave an update on how his physique has changed since going off his normal steroid cycle. According to him, he’s lost a lot of muscle mass and has replaced it with more fat. This is a concerning trend, as steroids are meant to help athletes achieve a muscular physique. If Larry’s experience is any indication, steroid use can have harmful side effects that last long after they stop taking them.

Recently, there have been a string of deaths in bodybuilding and this has caused many competitors to take a closer look at their health. Wheels fall under that category. In April, the powerlifter went to do a full check on his heart after abusing steroids for over a decade.

Larry Wheels shared that he is now on TRT. This is a treatment for those whose testosterone production is irregular. Larry Wheels explains how he will be taking 175mg per week of the hormone. He has been following this plan for a month and shared a recent body update on Instagram.

It's no surprise that Larry Wheels has slimmed down in his recent physique update - he's always been a shredded athlete.

Larry Wheels is on a mission to deadlift 1,000 pounds, but he had to stop because he recently did a huge shoulder and bicep workout with Andrew Jacked. He is not resting on his laurels; wheels is currently lifting heavy.

Larry Wheels has allowed his fans to follow him on social media multiple times. It is likely that he is still taking no performance-enhancing substances, as he remains as shredded as ever. We'll be interested to see what he does with his physique now that he's lighter.

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