How To Lose Body Fat Now: The Most Effective 10 Proven Ways to Help You Shed Unwanted Body Fat Quickly and Effectively.

 Are you looking to cut body fat? There are many ways to achieve this goal, but not all methods are created equal. In this blog post, we’ll share 10 proven ways to help you shed unwanted body fat quickly and effectively.

The following discussion covers 10 of the most common and effective methods for achieving ultra-low body fat levels used by pros and high-caliber amateurs. While these methods are effective, many are illegal and carry some element of risk. A fair question would be: Why they are used at all? The answer is simple; it's the same drive that causes shareholders to participate in insider trading, college students and professors to plagiarize and cheat, and politicians to lie. It's a desire to be the best, no matter what the cost, risk, or ethics may be. Thus, while the techniques may be unique to bodybuilding or sports in general, the phenomenon is not limited to these domains. Do not view the following information as an

Stimulants are substances that help increase fat loss by providing a signal to the body that it's in an excited state and needs to be ready for action. Stimulants act either by stimulating the release of the "fight or flight neurotransmitter," norepinephrine (NE), prolonging its signal, or directly substituting for NE. There are two classic examples of stimulants used in bodybuilding: caffeine and ephedrine.

1. Clenbuterol is a direct beta-agonist, which means it reacts with the same receptors that activate fat loss. This means it has the main benefit of being more specific in attaching to beta-2 type receptors, which are important because there are two types of NE receptors in the cell membrane of fat cells- alpha and beta. The alpha-2 receptors cause the opposite response of the beta receptors when it comes to weight loss from the fat cell- alpha-2 stimulation blocks fat release while beta stimulation promotes fat release. So, clenbuterol is actually a more powerful signal for promoting fat release than epinephrine, which stimulates both alpha and beta receptors.

Clenbuterol, a drug used to treat asthma outside of the United States, has been found to have anabolic properties when taken in extremely high doses in animals. However, taking levels of clenbuterol that would be toxic to humans would result in only short-term benefits. Clenbuterol is typically dosed at 10-40 micrograms per day, but some users become tolerant to higher doses and require dosages as high as 120 micrograms per day. The effects of clenbuterol are short-lived and usually last just a few weeks. Side effects of clenbuterol use in bodybuilders can include serious heart problems and muscle loss.

2. Ephedrine/caffeine supplements are a popular choice for most health food stores. Numerous studies have shown that the combination of ephedrine and caffeine is effective in accelerating weight loss. This often leads to weight loss being preserved rather than muscle loss. However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of ephedrine/caffeine supplements, with a number of adverse events reported among users. Ephedrine/caffeine use has been associated with a number of hospitalizations and several deaths. However, when the dosage is controlled and subjects are monitored, ephedrine/caffeine has been declared to be safe and free from serious adverse events.

After receiving a number of reports of negative effects, the FDA banned the sale of synthetic ephedrine/caffeine over-the-counter drugs. This is unfortunate as most studies used more tightly controlled and regulated OTC drugs. However, recently published studies have shown that some herbal supplements are just as effective and seemingly just as safe as the OTC version. Bodybuilders use ephedrine/caffeine supplements not only for fat loss but also because it is a stimulants and can help maintain energy and motivation during training.

Unlike clenbuterol, ephedrine doesn’t directly stimulate beta receptors. Instead, it causes the release of NE, which stimulates both alpha and beta receptors. This results in the short-term effects being less dramatic than with clenbuterol, but the drug’s effect lasts longer—ephedrine/caffeine can promote weight loss for at least 24 weeks.  doses of ephedrine and 200 milligrams of caffeine are typically taken one to three times a day.

The hormones in the body are involved in energy balance. Alterations to their levels can directly affect metabolism, leading to fat loss. In addition, other effects of these hormones can affect either the rate at which fat is gained or where it's stored. The use of hormones for weight loss is particularly dangerous, as an overabundance of any hormone can cause serious consequences.

3. Testosterone and other steroids can have benefits for muscle growth and strength, as well as fat loss. These hormones are known for the anabolic effects of testosterone on the skeletal muscle, which results in increased muscle mass and strength. By increasing the relative amount of muscle, steroids decrease body fat percentage. However, some studies have shown that testosterone, esters, or other anabolic steroids also directly impact fat loss. The oral drug oxandrolone seems to have a more pronounced effect on subcutaneous fat loss though the cause for this is still unknown.

4. Growth Hormone. This hormone affects nearly every cell in the body and too much use can cause permanent and disfiguring changes in appearance and health. However, GH has gained a great deal of notoriety for its effects as a repartitioning agent - meaning it moves nutrients from fat storage to functioning muscles and organs. GH influences growth through a second hormone called IGF-1, but its effects as a fat loss agent seem to be more direct. GH excess interferes with insulin signaling, the main driver for fat storage, and also seems to speed up fat release from fat cells. GH has been investigated for use in the morbidly obese and bodybuilders believe doses of four.

5. Aromatase Inhibitors. Aromatase inhibitors are prescribed drugs to women with advanced breast cancer to prevent the conversion of androgens to estrogens. Bodybuilders have recently added aromatase inhibitors to their arsenal to decrease the estrogenic side effects of many of the androgenic steroids. Testosterone and other steroids can be converted by aromatase into estrogen, and an excess of estrogen will lead to water retention, breast development, and fat accumulation. The fat cells have sex hormone receptors, and the presence of estrogen appears to increase both the number of fat cells and the amount of fat accumulated. Aromatase inhibitors can decrease the amount of estrogen in a man to very low levels, allowing bodybuilders too.

6. Thyroid hormone is responsible for controlling the body's metabolic rate. It does this by releasing the hormone T4, which is converted into the more active form of thyroid hormone, T3. T3 has a lot of effects on the body, most notably influencing fat loss by making you more sensitive to the signal of neurotransmitters called NE. Unfortunately, like GH, thyroid hormone is non-specific and affects nearly every tissue in the body.

A thyroid over-abundance causes a powerfully catabolic state, and as a result, a majority of weight loss will come from muscle wasting. Additionally, an excess of thyroid hormone makes the individual very sensitive to other stimulants - even the natural release of testosterone - which can lead to dangerous heart rhythms, sleeplessness, and irritability. A user’s dosage of thyroid hormone should be increased slowly and then tapered off gradually to avoid overdosing or withdrawal. The most commonly used dose range is 25-100 micrograms daily.

7. Cardio. There are several opinions on the best time and way to do cardio: low intensity versus high intensity, one session versus multiple sessions, daily versus rarely. However, there is no real difference between the programs in terms of results. Cardio must be done in the proper environment for any real benefits to be seen.

For fat loss, cardio exercise causes the body to burn more calories than when not working out. Resting metabolic rate is thought to rise with high-intensity exercise, but this remains to be proven for long-term conditioning. Considering that a greater muscle mass elevates the resting metabolic rate, as do stimulants (ephedrine/caffeine, green tea) which argue for their use, bodybuilders need an activity that will be maintained regularly. The percentage of fat burned is higher for low-intensity exercise and best in the morning, before eating. However, if that’s not possible, other forms of exercise still provide a benefit. Cardio can add to the caloric deficit, but it must be approached with caution to avoid injury

8. Ketogenic diets are popularized by Dr. Atkins, but they are the carb-depletion phase bodybuilders have been using for decades. Ketogenic diets require a lot of willpower--they severely restrict the amount of carbs Americans are used to eating. At first, this will lead to irritability, and loss of focus and strength as your body adjusts, but eventually, normal behavior and training will return.

The primary goal of a ketogenic diet is to reduce the amount of insulin released into the body. This hormone is known to be anabolic, but unfortunately, it is the primary driver of calories into the fat cell and prevents the breakdown and release of stored fat, leading to a build-up of body fat. When carbs are restricted, there is a large initial loss of weight, representing water associated with glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. This can be as much as ten pounds in the first week. However, the fat loss from ketogenic dieting occurs more slowly and over a longer period.

When following a ketogenic diet, insulin is not needed to block the release of fat. This makes the fat cells much more sensitive to stimulants and other hormones, leading to rapid and dramatic weight loss. But, while on a ketogenic diet, your muscle mass may be preserved or even increased. A ketogenic diet can be followed for a long period of time with few side effects. Many people who follow the Atkins diet adopt ketogenic diets as their permanent lifestyle.

9. Dinitrophenol. This chemical is used industrially for dye manufacture and in the production of explosives. Its effect on weight loss was discovered as a result of occupational safety, with a number of workers in munitions plants suffering from unusual symptoms, even death. It is a metabolic toxin, meaning it affects the mitochondria, preventing them from being able to function. The mitochondria are the "powerhouses" of the cells, creating the energy molecule ATP from glucose or fatty acids.

When taking DNP, the mitochondria stop producing energy and the body needs to burn more fuel to cover its needs. Ingesting DNP can cause cataracts and other problems, and bodybuilders find it difficult to tolerate. It is only used for a short period of time due to its severe side effects.

10. Other items of interest that may be of use to those looking to lose weight or manage their hypertension include yohimbine, captopril, and liposuction. Yohimbine is a drug that blocks the alpha-2 receptors, which stops the fat-releasing effect of NE on the fat cell. Captopril blocks the activation of a hormone found in the fat cell, reducing alpha-2 receptors. A liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery that can remove specific fat deposits.

Bodybuilders use extreme measures in an attempt to achieve extreme body fat loss. While most of these methods carry risks, there are some that are not legal without a physician’s prescription. None of the methods listed below should be used without understanding their costs and risks first. If followed, accepting the possible consequences must also be considered.

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