Chris Bumstead is currently working out vigorously with his legs.

 Chris Bumstead's workout routine is designed to hit every major muscle group in the body. However, he particularly enjoys leg day because of the intense pump he gets from squatting heavy weights. Bumstead's current training approach is all about building strength and size, and he believes that leg workouts are essential for both goals.

Chris Bumstead is currently working out vigorously with his legs. Chris Bumstead, reigning Olympia Classic Physique champion recently shared an intense leg day workout. The dominant champion is looking to defend his Olympia title with all he’s got.

In order to win the title of Classic Physique Olympia champion again, Chris Bumstead will have to stay on his toes. There are many competitors waiting in line to take his spot, and he cannot afford to take a break or let his guard down. If he wants to repeat as champion at the 2022 Olympia, Bumstead will need to investigate every possibility and make sure the gap between him and the competition remains large.

In order to maintain his title as champion, Chris Bumstead is taking a detailed look at his training regimen and making any necessary adjustments. Recently, Chris shared a post on social media detailing his current approach to the game. Keep an eye out for more information from him in the future!

Chris Bumstead also recently completed a pretty strenuous leg workout. A seasoned cyclist, Bumstead put himself through a number of intense exercises that left him exhausted after the session. The full leg day workout consists of the following exercises.

Chris Bumstead Brutal Leg Day Workout

Machine Hip Adduction

Leg Extensions on a Plate-loaded Machine (3 sets)

Pendulum Squat

Leg Press

Seated Leg Curl and Lying Leg Curl

Seated Calf Raise and Standing Calf Raise

Another solid workout in the books for Chris Bumstead. It’s clear that his leg workouts are brutal, but they’re also clearly effective. If you want to learn more about Chris’s training approach, be sure to check out the interview link below.

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