Bodybuilding legend, Jay Cutler, shares his favorite morning meal and supplements he takes to help start his day off right.

 Jay Cutler is respected as one of the best athletes in history. In a recent video posted on his YouTube account, Cutler shared his ‘breakfast of champions,’ and revealed the foods and supplements he takes every morning to ensure optimal performance. His routine includes oatmeal with almond milk and berries, eggs, toast with peanut butter, salmon, and green tea. His diet is very balanced and helps him stay energized throughout the day.

Jay Cutler competed in the Men’s Open division, which hosts some of the freakiest mass monsters. He helped usher in a new wave of bodybuilders by dethroning Ronnie Coleman - an eight-time Mr. Olympia - with his impressive size and detailed conditioning.

After competing on stage and then stepping away from the sport, Cutler has continued to make a significant impact in the bodybuilding community. He regularly shares his experiences in bodybuilding and helps newer competitors achieve their fitness goals. Recently, he teamed up with fitness influencer Jesse James West for a grueling chest workout. Cutler also coached Jesse through a posing routine that he liked to use.

With over 561,000 subscribers on YouTube, Cutler regularly uploads videos of his workout and diet regimen online. Seeing as he’s not as big as he once was, he still trains hard in the gym and shows off a back workout he shared with his fans. While he may not be active currently, his followers can check out his past activity on YouTube.

Jay Cutler recently posted a video on his YouTube account detailing his daily breakfast. He likes to eat a variety of foods, including eggs, bacon, oatmeal, toast and yogurt. He also recommends supplements that help improve flavor and provides insight into his morning routine.

“2 over easy eggs. Actually, I’m going to have some egg whites. Normally, I drink these but I’m actually going to cook them. Alright so (grits) is going to be the carbs along with the bagel. I used to eat oatmeal and then when I started working with Hani in 2008-09, he switched me to grits just because it was a little faster on the digestion. It seemed to sit better with my stomach. What I’ll do is, I’ll have a packet of grits and I’m going to put a banana. We have a lot of bananas over there. Angie is supposed to make muffins. I don’t like to overcook my eggs.

“I’m going to do a little bit of cottage cheese. I’m trying the new one, this is the newest cottage cheese. This is going to be the Breakfast of Champions right here.”

 Cutler added the finishing touches to the meal he planned to serve. Jay revealed the supplements he takes in the mornings.

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