Andrew Tate believes all bodybuilders are “p***y cowards”,Andrew Tate criticizes bodybuilders for not having the courage to be fighters.

Andrew Tate is a UK-American influencer and former kickboxer known for his frank opinions.

Recently he stirred up a lot of controversies when he shared his thoughts on bodybuilders and guys who work out at the gym to lift weights. He was banned from Facebook and Instagram for a while because of it. In terms of bodybuilders, he thinks they are vain and that they make too much of themselves. Regarding guys who work out at the gym to lift weights, he thinks they are overreacting and that it’s not necessary.

After his successful kickboxing career, Andrew Tate transitioned into the fitness influencer market. He began offering paid memberships and courses through his website. Despite reaching new levels of fame this year Tate was subsequently banned from Twitter Facebook Instagram and YouTube for alleged misogynistic commentary.

KO also known as Fitness Influencer Tate Kenny has been in the spotlight for the past few years. In the past, KO has called out people, particularly when discussing the ‘natty or not debate. The last time we saw KO in action he was questioning 53-year-old Mike O’Hearn about whether or not he uses steroids.

Greg Doucette IFBB Pro and fitness influencer has bodybuilding experience as well as insight into the sport. Greg is a certified bodybuilding judge and knows all about the ins and outs of the sport- especially when it comes to controversial topics. Given that Andrew Tate has made some inflammatory remarks about bodybuilding recently Greg offered his thoughts on the matter.

Andrew Tate criticizes bodybuilders for not having the courage to be fighters. “They lack the balls to stand up to real competition,” he says. “Anyone can pick up a weight and put on muscle but it takes real guts to step into the ring and take on another human being. Fighters are the true athletes of our time and I’m grateful that I got to know a few of them.”

“Bodybuilders are all p***ys. The reason why bodybuilders are losers is because they don’t want to be bodybuilders. Every bodybuilder I’ve ever met wants to be a fighter but they haven’t got the balls to be a fighter. So instead, they think, ‘I want to look as mean as possible,’ and they end up bodybuilding. 

Bodybuilders are obviously afraid of fighting, but they’ve decided to put all their time and effort and energy in the gym because to try to make sure no one ever starts to fight them because they are absolute p***ys,” Andrew Tate said.


Kenny KO responds to Andrew Tate

“First, let me state: there’s some things I agree with Andrew Tate on and there’s some things I totally disagree with him on. Are all bodybuilders trying to get big and put on size because they secretly wanted to fight or be in combat sports, but they weren’t able to make it and quote on quote, they are all cowards.” 

“I think most people get into bodybuilding or fitness for a couple main reasons right. One is for your health, overall improvement. I think most bodybuilders probably don’t do this but the majority of people in the fitness scene or in fitness are going for losing fat and improving the overall quality of life,” Kenny KO said.

 Kenny KO believes that men who become bodybuilders often do so with the hope of attracting more women though that’s not usually what happens in the long run.

“Number two, you have the dudes that are going into the gym to attract more girls, get more girls but subsequently, they don’t realize, the more time you devote into the gym, into bodybuilding — you’re not actually attracting more girls, you’re actually attracting more guys.” 

KO thinks that Andrew Tate is unfairly generalizing bodybuilders by labeling them all under one category.

“I don’t think this Andrew Tate clip lumps everyone into one category, one niche, one call-out because I do believe there’s an element of this that’s true. There is those guys out there in the gym, they’re trying to put on size and look intimidating,” Kenny KO said. “Do I think that’s all bodybuilders? No. Not by any means.” 

Check out Kenny KO’s video below:

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