What happened to Jeff Seid's physique? He spoke about his transformation in the latest episode of Natural Fitness Superstar. Watch the video to find out more!

Jeff Seid is a 28-year-old natural fitness superstar who has established himself as one of the most famous fitness influencers in the world right now. It all started several years ago when he shared pictures of his incredibly aesthetic physique on social media. Since then, he has become a popular figure in the fitness community and has amassed a large following of fans who admire his dedication to health and fitness.

Jeff is a role model to many people who aspire to have a healthy and fit body, and he has inspired many others to start their own journey towards a better physical appearance. He is always motivating his fans to stay focused on their goals and to never give up, no matter how difficult things might get. Thanks to Jeff, more and more people are now realizing the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Jeff has continued to work hard and improve his physique, achieving the special status of being the youngest IFBB pro that competes in Olympia.

Jeff has been taking a break from posting on Instagram. People have been wondering what happened to the fitness icon as he used to post a lot. There’s a good reason for this, as Jeff is known for his incredible ripped aesthetic. When you think about Jeff Seid, you imagine a ripped, muscular elite physique that has been shredded all his life.

However, Jeff’s physique has drastically changed recently. Jeff’s transformation was so shocking that even his biggest fans were shocked. He put on a lot of muscle mass, but it was also a lot of body fat.

Jeff shares what happened to his physique:

I got fat and the reason why I got fat is because I dirty bulked. Now dirty bulk is when you eat everything in sight to put as much size and weight as possible bu there is one dilemma, you put on a lot of fat and that’s exactly what happened to me. So I bulked for six months, the first four months I was actually pretty clean, I was very strict with the diet I was gradually increasing the calories as my weight was going up and I wasn’t really gaining much fat, I just gained mostly muscle and it was a pretty good time. Eventually I got to 5000 calories per day and that’s what I was eating every single day and then the last two months of the bulk I liked seeing the number just go up and up and up so I decided let’s “f’in” eat everything, let’s get huge, it’s time to dirty bulk baby, I stopped doing cardio and I started eating everything, hey I put on size, I got up to 232 pounds so I actually gained 40 pounds from the beginning of my bulk to the end of my bulk which is actually a lot of size to gain in six months, it’s about 6.6 pounds a month and I’ll be honest with myself I know it was not all muscle that I gained, it was a lot of fat and that brings me to the next part of the dilemma, I had to shred very hard to lose all the fat and unfortunately I also lost a lot of the muscle, the newly build muscle that I gained from the bulk, I lost it from shredding all the fat. The reason why I had to stop the bulk and the number 1 reason I think dirty bulking is not good is that, it is very unhealthy. What happened to me personally is that my blood pressure went through the roof and I decided it’s time to stop the bulk it’s time to stop dirty bulking and its time to shred. My advice to you is to not dirty bulk, you need to bulk responsibly, increase your calories gradually as your weight goes up, keep doing cardio, eat fairly clean most important thing is to keep your calories in a surplus, getting good sleep, getting good rest and rest means not training, you are also gaining muscle when you don’t train, you need to recover, you need to be honest with yourself, evaluate your physique and the progress you are making and look in the mirror, don’t just focus on the scale. Look in the mirror see how much fat you are gaining, if you are gaining too much fat, not as much muscle it might be time for you to start shredding and end the bulk. Would I recommend dirty bulking for you? No I wouldn’t

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